Brown Swiss Assoc. to offer Neogen genomic services

February 21, 2018

Press Release
CONTACT: Kristen Tickle, Neogen Corporation, 402.435.0665

LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. 21, 2018 — Neogen Corporation announced today that it is partnering with the Brown Swiss Association to offer its members advanced genomic services to improve herd performance and profitability.

With the agreement, Neogen will offer association members its Igenity® Dairy Heifer Program and SeekSire™ parentage product lines. Neogen’s Igenity products include its popular Igenity Select and Igenity Prime genomic profiles, which help dairy producers with selection decisions worldwide. The product line is supported by a responsive field team and innovative tools such as the Igenity Dashboard, which simplifies the process of genomic-based decision making for producers.

“We are very pleased to announce this agreement with the Brown Swiss Association, which will help its members profit from the proven benefits of genomic testing,” said Neogen’s Laurel Mastro. “What members will learn from increased genomic testing will help the Brown Swiss breed and its breeders.”

Neogen’s Igenity Dairy Heifer Program is a comprehensive program designed for dairy producers to make confident, rapid decisions on-farm utilizing genomic results. The program features three profiles for Brown Swiss cattle:

  • Igenity Select, a streamlined and cost-effective profile for commercial dairy producers, which features a 17-day turnaround time guarantee
  • Igenity Prime, the ideal choice for producers of breeding stock animals who would like access to add-on content
  • Igenity Elite, for genomic testing of elite purebred animals

Igenity Dashboard ( is an online application that allows for simple viewing and interpretation of genomic testing results. SeekSire Parentage is available to verify pedigree information on all Brown Swiss animals. Additional add-on genetic testing is also available for protein profiles and deleterious recessives known to affect Brown Swiss cattle.

To order genomic sampling kits, visit More information about Igenity can be found at

Wisconsin-based Brown Swiss Association was established in 1880, registers about 10,000 animals per year, and serves about 1,800 combined adult and junior members.

Neogen Corporation (Nasdaq: NEOG) develops and markets products dedicated to food and animal safety. The company’s Food Safety Division markets dehydrated culture media, and diagnostic test kits to detect foodborne bacteria, natural toxins, food allergens, drug residues, plant diseases and sanitation concerns. Neogen’s Animal Safety Division is a leader in the development of animal genomics, along with the manufacturing and distribution of a variety of animal healthcare products, including diagnostics, veterinary instruments, wound care and disinfectants.