Resistant Starch: Physiological effects, health benefits and accurate measurement

January 26-26, 2021 Online
Resistant starch (RS) is that component of starch which is resistant to digestion in the human small intestine. Since being originally described by Englyst in 1982, this topic has attracted major interest from those in academia and industry. Throughout this time, the primary research goals were to understand the mechanisms of how RS exerts its well documented benefits to human health and to accurately determine the RS content within food. This would allow for development of new RS-based functional food ingredients and also provide information on those foods that naturally contain RS with a view to improving the diet of the world’s population. The rapid global increase in such diseases as obesity and type 2 diabetes makes these goals increasingly relevant as time goes on. This webinar will outline the state of the art in the current understanding of both the analytical methodology and the digestive biology of RS.

Join ICC and Megazyme on this webinar to gain a clear understanding how starch digestion impacts the human body in a myriad of ways. Particular attention will be given to the effect of resistant starch (RS) ingestion, digestion and fermentation in-vivo.