Tox Tuesday: A third of cocaine users say they can get drugs faster than a pizza delivery

May 22, 2018

As illegal drug usage goes up in many parts of the world, concerns like reliability, discretion and customer service are increasingly important to those who buy and sell these drugs.

In fact, nearly a third of cocaine users surveyed across the world indicated that they could get the drug delivered to them in less than a half hour, according to the 2018 Global Drug Survey. For comparison, only 17% believed they could get a pizza delivered in that time.

A big part of this is the dark net, a section of the internet accessible only with special software that is commonly used for illegal activities — particularly the buying and selling of illegal goods. Consumers can order drugs directly to themselves, or dealers can order their supply to dole out to the public. Transactions often take place using cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, which can be used relatively anonymously.

According to the 2018 Global Drug Survey, about 20% of respondents have ordered drugs via the dark net within the past year. In Finland, the number was 45%; England was 25%; and the U.S. in third place with about 18%. Past surveys have shown that over the years, the online market for drugs is growing, and many health agencies agree.

"With many cities covered with CCTV cameras, traditional street dealing is becoming less attractive to many suppliers and consumers," said the Global Drug Survey report. "On the other hand, dark net markets allow drugs to be delivered through your letterbox and the rise of encrypted social media platforms makes ordering relatively safe.”

This year’s report questioned about 130,000 drug users across 44 countries. Topics covered a wide range of legal and illegal recreational drugs, how they purchase them and what their attitudes are regarding their usage and treatment, among other topics.

Category: Toxicology