Soleris® Next Generation delivering easy analysis and auditing

July 28, 2020

Neogen is showing you a behind-the-scenes look at the individuals involved with the unveiling of the advanced Soleris® Next Generation (NG) system; a USP validated microbial rapid testing unit utilizing chromogenic testing to indicate positive bacterial growth within 48 hours of testing. (5-minute read)

A glimpse at the development

When asked “What did the development look like for the new Soleris NG?”, Tina Caskey (third from the left), a research scientist within Neogen’s microbiology research and development department, stated, “Tech Services, R&D, Instrumentation, Validation, and Product Management — worked side by side with the software and hardware developers every step of the way. We even had ‘wish list’ meetings to discuss features we’d love to implement into Soleris Next Generation.”

Neogen takes pride in the excellent cross-communication our internal development teams have with one another. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Neogen’s teams have worked harder than before to develop and release the Soleris NG, which makes it all the more of an accomplishment for the individuals involved.

Q & A

Q: What drove the need for the new machine?

A: “The need to not only stay current but to truly advance, drove the development of Soleris Next Generation. In order to continue developing novel and essential test methods, easy to use, and cutting edge equipment is a must!” – Tina Caskey, Research Scientist

Q: What did you find most compelling in the development?

A: “I have used the legacy versions of the Soleris software and instruments on a daily basis for almost 13 years.  Over this time I’ve experienced some minor improvements here and there, as well as the addition of the BioLumix line, but what I find most compelling about the development of the new Soleris Next Generation Instrument and Fusion software has been the massive investment in time and resources to overhaul the user experience and technology completely.  It makes me proud to see the thought, care, and attention to detail that was put in by the whole team to make sure that all of our and our customer’s needs and wants were addressed in the new line.  It’s exciting to see my wish list come to life, and to have participated in the design and function of the acceptance criteria!” – Carolyn Montei, Lead Researcher

Q: What impacts did your role have on the development and research behind Soleris?

A: “In addition to evaluating Soleris Next Generation instruments for performance, we were also always keeping an eye out for ways to refine the user’s experience. By contributing a steady stream of feedback, I helped shape numerous aspects that improved ease of use.” – Tina Caskey, Research Scientist

A: “As Research Leader, I know this product line in and out, and developed many of the current vials we have on the market today. I have in-depth knowledge and experience of each and every test vial, and method from conception to launch. This gives me a good understanding of Soleris’ capabilities and any troubleshooting aspects that may arise.  I use this experience to help steer development projects and offer guidance on what the key matters and focus should be.” – Carolyn Montei, Lead Researcher

Features included

Our teams’ experience in the field, and communication with external laboratories and experts, receiving product feedback and recommendations, have made it possible to deliver a more robust system than before. The Soleris NG system offers all the features, benefits, and ease of use of the previous generations of the automated microbial testing system.

Additionally, the system provides optional remote user notifications of any positive results. This transparency keeps managers in the loop with their data, limiting the time spent searching for answers. Using advanced chromogenic testing to indicate the positive growth of bacteria, technicians interpret results quicker and easier while testing up to 1024 samples at once.

The Fusion Software

In addition, we have developed a new software called Fusion to make producing, analyzing, and running tests a breeze by automatically saving all data and results. With Soleris NG coupled with the Fusion software, users gain access to automatic audit trail reports (temperature, user login, samples, etc.), and the ability to create a customizable Certificate of Analysis.

It is thanks to the many recommendations from industry experts and the minds within Neogen’s R&D team that we have been able to provide a newly enhanced system capable of solving your microbial testing worries. The system is supported by 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software and our USP Validated (61, 62, 1223, 2021, and 2022) vials, as well as, our AOAC and microbial approved vials, to provide testing options across multiple industries.

Learn more about the advanced Soleris NG and Fusion software.


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