Return of the World Milk Day quiz

May 31, 2019

Cup of milk outside

At long last, we’ve completed another 584 million mile trip around the sun and once again World Milk Day graces our calendars.

Every year, on June 1, the entire globe celebrates the many ways the dairy sector has enriched the world’s food supply — as well as our lives and diets.

Last year, we tried your knowledge with a quiz, with all the facts and figures you may or may not know about milk. Well, here you are again, and probably still thirsty to test your mettle on all things dairy.

Here we go — answers are at the end of the post.

Which breed of dairy cow has the highest milk production worldwide?

  1. Jersey
  2. Guernsey
  3. Holstein
  4. Angus

In roughly the past 30 years, by about how much has global milk production increased?

  1. 53%
  2. 93%
  3. 13%
  4. 34%

Which region has the highest per capita rate of milk consumption?

  1. Europe
  2. Asia
  3. Australia and New Zealand
  4. The Americas

About how far back dates the earliest evidence of humans using domesticated cows for dairy?

  1. 9000 BCE
  2. 500 BCE
  3. 7000 BCE
  4. 350 CE

In what year was the patent issued for the world’s first milking machine?

  1. 1955
  2. 1894
  3. 1799
  4. 1921

Looking for more dairy knowledge? Read our showcase on some of the world’s most unique dairy breeds, both prolific and rare.

1 3
2 1 (source)
3 4 (source)
4 3
5 2.


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