Quality disinfection for your dairy farm

October 09, 2020

As a dairy producer, you are well familiar with the moving pieces of the modern dairy operation: employees coming off of the farm, OSHA compliance, herd management, and operations management. Simply put, you’re busy. As a producer, it is crucial to your business to evaluate and develop a strong, cost-effective biosecurity program of supportive care for your animals. Here’s why.

Convenience and compliance

Many producers have been using the same cleaning and disinfecting products for years, so why make the switch? The truth is convenience equals compliance: the more comfortable something is to use, the more likely it will be used. Neogen®’s Matt Meyer, sales manager for animal protein-swine and poultry, elaborates, “Disinfecting involves biology that is smaller than the eye can see, and it becomes easy to think that if a surface looks clean, it is clean, but many times that isn’t the case.” Some producers have not switched to newer, better cleaners and disinfectants because of price, convenience, or long-lasting business partnerships. However, taking the time to switch to scientifically improved products pays for itself when your animals are raised in a properly disinfected facility, free from disease, which in the end may positively affect your wallet.

Tetradyne® cleaners and disinfectants are specialty products designed to handle applications on dairies that are not clean-in-place. Using the correct cleaner ensures compliance and effectiveness for your entire operation, from your equipment to your carefully raised animals. Neogen’s sanitation representatives can recommend the best product for applications on your dairy that require extra attention or routine cleaning.

The ROI is in your animals’ health

Creating a strong biosecurity program pays for itself. Enabling you to protect your work, biosecurity provides more opportunity for ROI with healthier, more productive animals. Meyer explains, “Ultimately, proper sanitation and hygiene practices keep our people and our herd healthy, and healthy cows produce more milk.” Meyer further details, “Proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols are essential in all production animal operations, and dairy operations are no different. A good cleaning and disinfecting practice will reduce the likelihood that harmful pathogens will be transmitted to and between your animals or contaminate your product.”

Switching: It’s easier than it sounds

Making the switch sounds daunting. We understand your need for excellent customer service that understands your business and can exceed your expectations. With offices worldwide, you can reach our helpline 24/7 for customer assistance, where we are always happy to help.

For more information, view the complete comprehensive biosecurity suite Neogen offers, or call us at 800.477.8201.

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Q&A with Matt Meyer of Neogen

What impact do improved biosecurity solutions have on a dairy producer’s production?

It all comes down to my previous statement, “Healthy cows produce more milk,” and it really is that simple. Biosecurity is all about minimizing risk to your herd and preventing the transmission of harmful pathogens. We understand that eliminating all risk is not an option, but we CAN minimize it by making educated and informed decisions to protect our animals. Neogen is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive suite of biosecurity solutions to dairy producers worldwide including: Cleaners and disinfectants, teat dips, insecticides, rodenticides, parlor supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitation monitoring supplies, veterinary instruments, and a host of other solutions. At the end of the day, good biosecurity will result in the producer making more money. As Neogen’s own Stuart Heller so frequently says, “’ Biosecurity doesn’t cost, it pays.’” – Matt Meyer


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