Pour your milk and don’t think twice

June 02, 2020

Neogen® is endlessly committed to supporting the dairy industry and provide safe milk for you.

With the many changes 2020 has seen, numerous sects within the food industries have been affected, ultimately impacting what families bring home to the dinner table. At Neogen®, our mission has remained consistent since 1982: to protect the world food supply. Now more than ever, our teams have been working endlessly to make sure food manufacturers, processing plants, and grain producers receive the technology and support they need to uphold their end of the food supply chain. It is thanks to the collaborative efforts of the individuals of Neogen that families around the world can enjoy their favorite foods and beverages safely.

One of the most common beverages consumed globally is cow milk. Unfortunately, the dairy industry – like many other industries, has taken a hit during the novel coronavirus pandemic. With many companies being forced to shut their doors and halt processes, Neogen has stepped up to the plate and increased efforts in the dairy processing arena. So next time you pour some milk for your morning cereal, you may think to yourself, is my milk still safe? To answer that, Neogen would say: it sure is if it crossed our path.

When at the local grocers, many don’t think twice about these sorts of questions, but Neogen is continuously researching, testing, and promoting new ways to test for antibiotics and other harmful substances that may reside in your milk. It is thanks to the minds behind Neogen’s Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform, coupled with the BetaStar® Advanced that many dairy processing plants make sure your milk is 100% consumable and safe for your enjoyment.

To see the quick, effective process dairy processors use when testing your milk supply, watch our 30-second video of Neogen’s BetaStar Advanced

“I worked with Snowville Creamery as they performed beta site testing for our BetaStar with Raptor system. They found that the wizard was very simple to use and were excited about the features. The speed was truly a factor, as well as their staff being able to navigate through the screens with little training.” – Chris Hamblin, Inside Sales Representative, Neogen Lansing

Throughout the world, we see devastating impacts as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many dairy processing plants have been forced to halt their processes due to a lack of labor or supplies. Realizing now is a more crucial time than ever for the world’s food safety, each of Neogen’s employees remains dedicated to protecting the food supply chain in every way possible. From laboratory scientists to sales reps, receptionists to shipping management, we are humbly proud to serve you and keep the milk in your cereal safe so you can get up in the morning and do your part to help us all get through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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