Neogen Newsline - June

June 29, 2021

An Executive’s Look at Neogen® Analytics

As a food safety leader, you’re responsible for protecting your brand’s quality standards and food safety processes throughout your production. Learn how Neogen® Analytics gives you and your leadership team complete visibility across every facility.

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Phosphate Free Cleaners

Phosphates — commonly used in cleaners and detergents — have some environmental downsides. Here’s what you need to know.

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Easily Monitor & Detect COVID-19 in Communities
with the new Early Warning Wastewater Survelliance system

Early Warning Wastewater Surveillance provides communities with extra visibility around COVID-19, serving as a detection system with minimal cost compared to large-scale individual testing. This solution offers accurate, efficient testing of viral presence to screen medium to large populations, helping to anticipate outbreaks, protect communities, and deploy individualized testing in a more precise manner.


  • Easily helps identify locations of infection as quickly as possible
  • Sample protocol is simple and easily implemented by facility managers
  • Offers governments, community health providers, and the private sector situational awareness of a potential threat

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The Evolution of Veterinary Hospitals: Dinosaurs or Insects?

Is your veterinary hospital evolving? Listen to our recent table talk to learn how to integrate innovative solutions like genomics, what generational shifts mean for the veterinary profession, and how the pandemic has changed veterinary medicine.

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Empowering Your EMP for the New Era

Explore the future of food safety and how environmental monitoring is evolving with our recent virtual conference. Our experts talked about strengthening your programs with innovative solutions for sanitation, pathogens, and traceability. Catch up and listen to the recorded sessions here.

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