Neogen Newsline - April

April 26, 2021

The Next Advancement in Genomic Tech

Harness the power of SkimSeek™ and receive genomic predictions without the need for expensive custom fixed arrays.

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We’re just days away from launching the new AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation sanitation monitoring system!

Accompanying the system, the suite of software allows you to track and trend results over time, monitor any potential issues, and implement measures to ensure these do not negatively impact your environment. It also comes with Neogen® Analytics Insights, a cloud-based software program with powerful dashboards and automatic reporting features to take your testing program to the next level

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Biosecurity Basics for Facilities

While basic guidelines on biosecurity exist, the problem is that each facility must form a unique biosecurity plan that addresses the specific risks that the facility faces.

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How to Protect Against Equine Influenza

This quick read provides simple tips for limiting the spread of equine influenza and what to do if your horse contracts it.

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Neogen Analytics Helps Food Processors During Pandemic

Learn how the EMP software Neogen Analytics has helped food manufacturers mitigate risk during Covid-19.

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