Neogen Newsline - October

October 26, 2020

Neogen®’s Hemp Harvest Analysis

The hemp industry is an emerging market for the U.S., and Neogen®’s Dan Grubb provides a quick rundown of the current harvest conditions. (Three minute read)

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Neogen Analytics: Your audit prep hero

Designed for food manufacturing plants of all sizes, Neogen Analytics computes crucial audit information for you — saving you time and resources. (Four minute read)

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Proper sanitation protocols foster healthier pigs

Using proper sanitation solutions within your pork production facility is crucial. Neogen offers two comprehensive solutions proven to get the job done. Healthier pigs begin with appropriate sanitation. Click here to learn more! (Four minute read)

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Neogen Europe is launching Hexsolve, a premium teat care range available as a ready-to-use dip or spray, a 1:4 concentrate, and a thick barrier dip to offer the highest levels of protection for your herd.

Hexsolve has a unique blend designed for gentle and highly effective teat cleaning, disinfection, and conditioning. It contains high chlorhexidine digluconate levels for excellent biocidal action and maximum protection against mastitis-causing pathogens, plus peppermint oil, which contains menthol, an astringent known to reduce inflammation. The bright purple color ensures high visibility and easy verification of teat coverage.

The full dairy hygiene range by Neogen includes a comprehensive teat care line, hoof care and cleaners, and disinfectants for the highest level of hygiene in dairy operations. Discover more about our dairy products, and contact us to check availability in your country.