Neogen Newsline - November/December

December 01, 2020

Beef Genomics has a New Audience

Neogen recently launched Igenity® Feeder, which offers genomic testing to an entirely new audience. With Igenity Feeder, another segment of the beef supply chain, stockers and backgrounders, now have the opportunity to maximize their production with a test unique to their needs.

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What is “Digital Transformation” and how does this apply to Food Safety?

We're launching a three-part blog series with Corvium's Chief Growth and Commercial Officer, David Hatch. Read along as David dives into the food safety industry's digitalization of resources and data and its impacts today! Follow along to get the next piece of the series.

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Putting Clean to The Test!

Guest writer Laurie Holmes explains the importance of cleaning verification systems and how Neogen’s AccuPoint Advanced met her school’s needs.

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