Neogen’s Jim Topper hosts Food Safety Friday webinar for International Food Safety & Quality Network

January 08, 2018

Environmental monitoring programs are more important than ever for the food and beverage industries. A robust program that uses adenosine triphosphate (ATP) verification monitoring can protect companies from outbreaks, recalls and the costs that come with them.

Neogen’s Jim Topper will present on the topic of establishing effective ATP sanitation verification programs on this week’s Food Safety Friday broadcast.

The webinar will cover, among other topics:

  • The difference between validation and verification

  • Cleaning to a validated standard

  • Swabbing and establishing baselines

  • Interpreting test results and using them to improve cleaning

  • Complementary environmental testing

The webinar is held as part of the International Food Safety and Quality Network’s Food Safety Friday series. The presentation comes from material published by Neogen and other industry experts in the handbook “Best practices for effectively implementing an ATP sanitation verification program.” Click here for more information.

Category: Food Safety