Neogen offers safe hand sanitizer amidst national FDA recall

August 03, 2020

Last week the FDA recalled a total of 87 hand sanitizer products as standard randomized testing revealed the presence of methanol, a toxic ingredient that’s harmful when absorbed through one’s skin. Methanol is a poisonous chemical made through a synthetic process, while ethanol is produced through the fermentation of food crops like corn and grain.

Although a majority of the recalled products were manufactured in Mexico, the U.S. is taking necessary precautions to increase product safety testing before products meet retail shelves. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge, it is essential to use reliable, safe products.

Luckily, Neogen® offers COMPANION™ Hand Sanitizer, a safe alcohol-based foaming hand sanitizer formulated to provide exceptional protection and meets CDC requirements to control the coronavirus. The raw materials used in COMPANION are U.S. sourced, and the product is manufactured here in the U.S. as well, complying with FDA regulations.


Neogen’s COMPANION Hand Sanitizer meets CDC recommended concentration of alcohol for the prevention of coronavirus and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

COMPANION foaming hand sanitizer offers a quick solution to hand hygiene. COMPANION Hand Sanitizer is a portable, non-drip foam that is safe for children and adults. We’ve compared and demonstrated COMPANION with the generic gel-based hand sanitizer found at retail stores. Watch the full two-minute comparison here.

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Most gel-based hand sanitizers

Due to the current market demand for sanitizer products, most of what is available are gel-based formulations. Gel-based sanitizer often takes too long to dry, leaves behind a sticky residue, and should not be left in the sun for too long, or the container may expand and break. Neogen’s foaming formulation offers a superior alternative.


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