Neogen and Commercial Food Sanitation partner to provide extensive food safety training

October 29, 2018

To help the food industry meet its food safety goals, Neogen is a longtime participant in the training initiatives of Commercial Food Sanitation (CFS), a global consulting company for the food processing industry.

Neogen employees regularly contribute to CFS’s interactive, hands-on workshops that take place around the world. Neogen also provides allergen and sanitation testing products used throughout these sessions to teach validation procedures and techniques.

“I’ve attended numerous sanitation classes in my lifetime, but the thing that’s really impressive about this course is the hands-on application of what you learn in the classroom,” said H.J. Heinz Corporate Sanitation Manager Ed Lucko in a video on the program.

In the video, workshop participants are shown using Neogen’s Reveal® 3-D test kit for allergen detection during the Sanitation Essentials Training course. They also use the AccuPoint® Advanced samplers and reader to detect ATP levels post-cleaning.

“We’re really pleased to be part of these workshops,” said Tim Hendra, Director of Sales for Neogen’s Grocery Products Division.  “While the testing is just the tip of the iceberg during the sanitation process, the chance for attendees to get hands-on with the tests is a great opportunity to verify testing techniques and protocols and is a fun culmination to the cleaning efforts.”

The two-and-a-half-day trainings are directed towards food industry professionals who are interested in learning critical details about hygiene and food safety. They combine interactive classroom sessions with hands-on team workshops that reinforce specific, critical cleaning elements such as wet and dry cleaning techniques, environmental monitoring, hygiene and allergen verification techniques and how to develop effective documentation.

“I think this has great application for a new sanitation supervisor and a sanitation manager,” said CFS founder and president Joe Stout. “And I think it’s got a great application for a quality manager or supervisor that knows a lot about quality but doesn’t have the experience of being on the plant floor and cleaning.”

Attendees include food safety, quality and sanitation managers; food technologists and formulators; plant, production and operations managers; and process and equipment engineers — anyone involved with food safety and quality. Representatives from many food processing industries participate in the workshops: meat and poultry, fresh and frozen produce, snacks and bakery, spices and ingredients as well as food packaging, production equipment and distribution companies.

Engineers learn how machinery and equipment can be designed to reduce or eliminate harborage sites for pathogens and allergens. Plant and maintenance managers realize how facilities, employees and the overall operation can positively or negatively impact sanitation.

“The seminar is phenomenal, I’ve really enjoyed it. I recommend it to people who are coming into the food industry as well as folks who have been in the food industry for a long time,” said Joe Roberts, Operations Manager of The Bama Companies. “I’ve been in the industry myself for 15 years and understanding new concepts has been great, because there are challenges every day.”

For more information, including upcoming trainings you can attend, see the CFS website.


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