Neogen® Analytics: Your audit prep hero

October 15, 2020

As you know, operating a food manufacturing facility comes with daily hurdles: mitigating risks, seeking solutions, and implementing best practices to ensure safe, quality products for consumers to enjoy. Your current manual process consists of approximately 36 steps, all falling underneath sampling plan generation, plan execution, result analysis, initiating actions, corrective action, and result reporting — inherently creating risk. What if there were a way to alleviate the technical tension, find a solution fit for operations small to large, and drastically reduce the time you spend computing data into accident-prone excel sheets?

Neogen® Analytics is the most comprehensive EMP cloud-based software available on the market. Designed specifically for food manufacturing plants of all sizes — no matter their location — Neogen Analytics crunches the numbers, safely stores the data, and alerts you of critical issues so you can act appropriately.

Your job is vital. Instead of spending the afternoon behind a computer monitor manually entering data, notifying stakeholders of corrective actions, and scheduling re-tests, Neogen Analytics allows you to spend more time on the floor investigating current issues and strategizing mitigation for future risks.

How it works

Despite the extensive capabilities of Neogen Analytics, the software is easy to use, and Neogen’s support team is with you every step of the way during the onboarding, training, and integration.

Testing — There is a lot of testing to conduct. We know because we have seen it first hand and developed our software from the insight of people like you. With Neogen Analytics, reporting testing is automatically saved to your database, no more crunching the info by hand. Whether you have a weekly, monthly, or annual test to conduct, you can set automated reminders with Neogen Analytics to alert you when it is time to test. 

Visibility — Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the testing issues come to you instead of you having to hunt them down? Neogen Analytics saves testing results to the cloud-based software and automatically alerts you of alarming trends so that you can take immediate action. But that’s not all. Our software allows you to compare and assess trends from other facilities in your organization — even if they’re overseas — so you can have a birds-eye view of the bigger picture.

Audits — Truth be told, audits have a way of buying up your time when not well prepared. Neogen Analytics compiles all of your audit and data information into elaborate spreadsheets and infographics, so your facility’s audits take up less of your time. Additionally, you can view all of the data at a click of a button beforehand, so there are zero surprises. This feature allows you to receive more points on your audit when you note corrective actions have been or are being taken to resolve the specific issue.

What this means for you

With a comprehensive software aggregating your data, sending alerts for scheduled testing, and automatically preparing audit information, you can spend more time on the floor witnessing issues firsthand instead of hearing about them after the fact. Neogen Analytics does the heavy lifting behind the computer so that you can have more of the visibility required to notice, assess, and react to operational issues with the data-driven insights only Neogen Analytics can provide. So, what do you say? Do you want your Friday’s back?

Learn more about Neogen Analytics and how our team can position you and your facility for success.


Category: Food Safety, Food & Beverage, Environmental Monitoring