Digitizing Corrective Actions

May 22, 2024

Digitizing food safety workflows and data goes far beyond eliminating paper binders and manually updated spreadsheets. Housing data electronically is certainly a benefit of going digital, and having the ability to instantly recall testing information from facilities across your entire organization is very powerful. The real power in going digital, however, is automating the launch and management of your corrective actions.

Converting your food safety program to a digital platform activates your standard operating procedures (SOPs) in real time. Instead of delaying actions while manually interpreting the next steps, your food safety plan is programmed into your data platform such that your team is prompted digitally to initiate corrective actions immediately, thereby enabling mitigation of an issue before it becomes a costly problem.

With tight budgets and limited resources, food manufacturers do not always have the time to wait for a person to interpret data, discover a problem, and initiate a corrective action. As soon as adverse testing results are known, the data itself can—and should—dictate how to proceed based on your food safety policies and immediately initiate appropriate activities with the right people.

Food safety plans take a significant amount of effort to develop and support. Every second that passes from when an adverse result is known until remediation activities begin is critical to the ability to manufacture safe, viable products while achieving production and quality goals. A delay in initiating a corrective action can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and an expensive scrap event, or in the worst case, a recall.

You have already put your expertise to work in developing your food safety plan. You crafted that plan by detailing the specialized steps that should be taken in case of adverse testing results. Your team’s expertise is made more effective when it can be applied in a timely fashion. By digitizing and automating your corrective actions, you can activate your food safety plan and put your data to work with you. For example, a sample analysis that results in an adverse diagnostic finding should trigger the appropriate corrective action based on your SOPs. The right people should automatically be informed and directed to the right activities at the right time, rather than waiting to act until a manual review or meeting occurs.

A digital food safety testing platform enables more than just automation of corrective action triggers. As such actions are completed, the right people can be notified in real time to review and verify that the right steps have been taken to address the issue. Audit preparation becomes streamlined as your corrective actions are tied to every adverse result in your digital audit log, which also updates in real time. This eliminates the need to share spreadsheets across facilities as all data is housed in a single cloud application, accessible from any browser-capable device at any time.

Digitizing corrective actions supports a preventative or proactive approach to food safety that enables a more efficient production cycle with fewer disruptions. Automation of your food safety plan allows your corrective actions to do what they are intended to do with the greatest possible opportunity for success. To see the power of automation for yourself, contact Neogen to have our experts show you how digitized corrective actions can bring your food safety plan to life with Neogen Analytics.

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