National Puppy Day: 7 dog facts

March 23, 2018

Big eyes, little noses, fuzzy ears and wagging tails. For these reasons and more we love to celebrate National Puppy Day each year on March 23. With their seemingly boundless energy, and the way that energy can actually dissipate in a second and give way to gentle naps, puppies have captured our hearts probably since dogs were first domesticated many thousands of years ago.

In honor of the day, here are seven puppy facts to share with your fellow dog lovers.

    1. Puppy breath

      Puppies may be the sole organism on this earth that people enjoy smelling the breath of. The sweet scent likely comes from a combination of mother’s milk and pheromones, which are hormones that encourage mom-and-pup bonding.
    2. Consistency is key.

      Puppies and dogs thrive on routine. During training, it’s important to consistently enforce any rules you want your puppy to obey into adulthood. Don’t kick your puppy out of bed with you one day, but let him in the next.
    3. Watch your health.

      Puppies, as cute as they are, can carry nasty bacteria. Nine people were hospitalized in the U.S. last year due to infection with the bacteria Campylobacter from puppies. Wash your hands whenever you clean up after a puppy, and be sure to give them regular baths.
    4. Avoid these foods.

      The U.S. Food and Drug Administration outlines eight foods that pet owners should avoid giving to dogs: raw meat, grapes (and raisins and currants), fatty and/or salty food, moldy food, onions (and garlic and chives), macadamia nuts, the artificial sugar xylitol, and the most well-known dog no-no: chocolate.
    5. Puppy talk.

      You know that squeaky baby-talk voice so many of us can’t help but use around puppies? Turns out, they like it. Researchers found that while adults dogs didn’t react much to these high-pitched voices, puppies responded better than they did to regular human voices.
    6. It takes time.

      Like human babies, puppies finish developing their senses after they’re born. In the case of puppies, it takes nearly four weeks to fully develop their hearing, and six weeks for vision.
    7. Puppy productivity.

      If your boss catches you browsing puppy pics online, let her know it’s helping you focus. A Japanese study found that when people looked at pictures of puppies, they could better perform certain tasks requiring concentration. This was not true for photos of older dogs.

Never fear, those of you who also love kittens. National Kitty Day is coming soon enough: October 29.

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