National Provisioner Podcast: The State of Food Safety

January 26, 2023

Neogen® and 3M™ Food Safety have combined, forming one company under Neogen. This integration has allowed Neogen to move forward as a global leader in food safety with an expanded product portfolio.

For decades, the food safety business at 3M strived to help you meet and maintain the highest quality standards. To keep fostering food safety, that business has now combined with Neogen.

The National Provisioner offers a variety of resources with up-to-date information for meat and poultry processors about the latest innovations in protein processing, food safety, industry trends, and more. Recently, Neogen®’s Luke Thevenet, Sales Director, was featured on a podcast where he shared his insights on several topics regarding unique challenges meat and poultry processors face in the food safety industry and some emerging regulatory trends.

In his talk, Thevenet explained how the nature of the products meat and poultry processors —specifically poultry — deal with create specific hurdles when it comes to food safety protocols. Because Salmonella is more present in poultry than any other industry, these higher levels of contamination call for different ways of processing that might be more involved and harder for smaller processing companies to maintain, meaning smaller businesses are likely to prioritize investing in the right personnel to lead their food safety culture in the right direction. Our 3M™ Molecular Detection System can help simplify pathogen testing, discover how here.

When asked about what role the COVID-19 pandemic played in food processing, Thevenet spoke about the staffing strain it put on processors which led many to turn to automation for help. By automating the process, it becomes more efficient, requires less learning, provides less subjective results, and ultimately contributes to sustainability goals.

Finally, the podcast touches on recent United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) updates regarding improving consumer safety through testing innovation, like reducing Salmonella through new quantifying methods.

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