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September 26, 2016

Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest animal science, food safety, and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered. 


September Soaker – The Progressive Farmer
Heavy rains are flooding fields and roads in Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern Iowa — states now in the corn harvest. This is increasing the chances that DON and aflatoxin can be produced, especially with crops in outside storage.

As a GMO Pillar Wobbles, Biotech Companies Promise New Insect-Killing Genes – NPR
For all the international furor over genetically modified food, or GMOs, the biotech industry has really only managed to put a few foreign genes into food crops. The first of these genes — actually, a small family of similar genes — came from a kind of bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis, or Bt. Those genes make plants poisonous to certain insect pests.

Food Safety

Why our food keeps making us sick – Fortune
We are in a battle with bacteria. And from the numbers, it might well appear that we are losing.

A Guidance How To: Conduct Your Hazard Analysis – The Acheson Group
The purpose of the hazard analysis required by FSMA's Preventive Controls rule is to help you focus resources on the most important controls that need to be applied in order to ensure you are providing safe food. If you don't correctly conduct the hazard analysis or don't identify all hazards warranting preventive controls, the food safety plan won't be effective no matter how well your facility follows the plan.

Animal Science

Refreshers for replacement heifer program – Morning Ag Clips
It’s no secret that replacement heifers are some of the most valuable animals in your herd; however, value goes hand in hand with vulnerability. With recent record-high costs to develop replacement females, it may be time to consider a refresh on your replacement heifer program.

Does Short-Distance Hauling Harm Horses' Respiratory Tracts? – The Horse
We know that long-haul trips can have a negative impact on horses’ respiratory systems and increase their risk of associated infections. But what about the shorter trips we take more frequently?


Seven overdose deaths in one day reported in Cleveland area – ABC News
Authorities are trying to discover the types of drugs involved in a spate of overdoses that killed seven people in the Cleveland area on Saturday. These deaths are the latest outbreak of drug overdose deaths in Ohio liked to heroin and/or fentanyl.


Australian hot dog and hamburger combination 'hamdog' coming to U.S. – UPI
Meet the hamdog — a beautiful combination of hot dog and hamburger. Sure, you’ve had these two foods in the same meal, but did you know they can coexist under the same bun?

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