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April 25, 2016

Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest animal science, food safety, and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Animal Science        

Pig Waste Converted into More Useful Products in Pilot Plant – The Pig Site
In regions with intensive livestock production, manure management is a problem, but a new plant presenting research results this June is showing promise in converting manure into useful products.

Young Producers Pave Their Way in the Beef Industry – Ag Web
Young producers are a rare sight in pastures and farm fields across America. Breaking into the cattle business is difficult. But despite barriers to entry, many young cattle producers have beaten the odds.

Food Safety

China: An Overview of the New Food Safety Law – Food Safety Magazine
The revisions to the Food Safety Law are wide-ranging, imposing stricter controls and supervision on food production and management. A review of food safety practices in China is essential to ensure compliance with the new law, limiting potential exposure to regulatory enforcement and subsequent loss in profits.

New normal this fall: Assess, control, verify and document – Food Safety News
The movement of U.S. food safety efforts away from a reactive, punitive measures to a preventive system of safeguards has many food company owners unhappy.


Prices rally, but we’re FAR from the top – Morning Ag Clips
A rally in corn and soybean prices this week surprised some investors as corn reached a more than 6 month high near $4 a bushel and soybeans reached a more than 8 month high above $10 a bushel.  Concerns about unfavorable weather conditions leading to a lower-than-expected South American crop, as well as political concerns, and the early mutterings of an emerging La Nina are some of the factors helping to bump up commodity prices.

Combating head scab in wheat – Michigan State University Extension
There are two ways to significantly reduce head scab disease in wheat. To help mark the progress of the industry, growers are asked to complete a simple variety survey.


Random drug testing to start at Catholic school – Detroit Free Press
An all-boys Catholic high school in Novi, Mich. announced to parents this week that it will begin randomly drug testing students, starting in August.


Artist Creates Works of Edible Art on Marshmallows – Mental Floss
Food has long been an excellent (and delicious) alternative medium for artists. Previously, we've seen art created with everything from Oreos to sunflower seeds. Now we can also enjoy these adorable marshmallows with tiny paintings on them.


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