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February 29, 2016

Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest animal safety, food safety, and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Animal Science

Beef Genomics is Providing Speedy Accuracy in Genetic Selection for Cattle Producers – Oklahoma Farm Report
With the rapidly developing world of genomics in beef cattle breeding, improvements in the information that cattle producers can see about their cattle is amazing.

Canadian pork industry ups the ante on food safety, biosecurity and animal care – Better Farming
A new national industry compliance and validation program that’s geared to creating accountability to consumers rolls out in 2017.

Food Safety

FDA to Focus 2017 Funds on Nationally Integrated and Import Food Safety Systems – Quality Assurance Magazine
In his FY 2017 budget request, the President has proposed additional resources that include an increase of $25.3 million of new budget authority to implement the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). With these funds, FDA will build on work that began with FY 2016 funds in two key areas.

Here’s How Restaurants Can Reduce Zika Virus Infections – Food Safety Magazine
What does a mosquito-borne infection have to do with food safety? Read this article and find out.


Trends in Corn and Soybean Exports – Agricultural Economic Insights
David Widmar is an agricultural economist specializing in agricultural trends and producer decision-making. Here he discusses the difficulties grain commodities — specifically corn and soybeans — have recently faced.

New organic conservation option – Morning Ag Clips
The USDA announced a new conservation option for organic farmers—cost-share and land rental payments for field border buffers. The introduction of a payment option for organic buffers will help farmers meet USDA organic certification requirements that they maintain or improve the natural resources (including soil and water quality), support biodiversity and native species, and develop habitat for beneficial insects.


WADA head calls lack of drug testing at X Games regrettable – Associated Press
Anti-doping leaders scolded ESPN for sending the wrong message by not conducting drug tests at the X Games in Norway last week. The network's answer: Feel free to test whomever you'd like.


Leap Year 2016: Why does February have 29 days every four years? – The Telegraph
When is it, why does it happen and everything else you need to know about the leap year in 2016.


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