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February 08, 2016

Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest animal safety, food safety, and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Animal Science

DNA testing of livestock offers look under hide – Rapid City Journal
A $25-a-head test can help cattle producers find out how their livestock will pass along economically important traits hidden under the hides of the animals.

USDA Revises Livestock Export Regulations – The Horse
The American Horse Council (AHC) is advising owners that the USDA has revised the regulations pertaining to the exportation of livestock, including horses, from the United States. The rule changes will take effect on Feb. 19.

Food Safety

FDA to Fund Food Safety Outreach to Tribal Communities and Local Food Producers – Food Safety Magazine
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced two new opportunities for funding to assist with enhancing food safety under the agency’s Food Safety Modernization Act.

What You Need to Know About the Corporate Shift to Cage-Free Eggs – Civil Eats
Bowing to consumer demand, more than 35 food companies have pledged to go cage-free with more almost certainly on the way.


Tropical fruit in Nebraska? Geothermal makes it possible … and cheap – Grist
Picture this: You’re in a grove of tropical fruit trees, eating oranges, lemons, and figs straight from their source. Where are you? Thailand? Sicily? Florida? Chances are that the Midwest was not among your guesses.

The Price Of Almonds May Have Met A Slippery Slope – NPR
Drive anywhere in Central California and you'll find fields of almonds. So many new trees have been planted in recent years that people have begun to wonder whether the growth of the almond industry is unsustainable. It seems like the price of the nut may have met a slippery slope.


Drug testing at your fingertips: Unique test examines nail clippings – FOX
A new tool to test for drugs and alcohol in children and teens is almost literally right at your fingertips.


The 10 best commercials of Super Bowl 50 – Washington Post
Some made us cry, others made us cry laughing. Here are the most memorable commercials of Super Bowl 50.


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