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January 25, 2016

Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest animal safety, food safety, and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Animal Science

America Has A New Queen Of Milk Production. Meet Gigi, The ‘Diva’ Cow – KUNC
A 9-year-old cow, who spends her days grazing at Bur-Wall Holsteins in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, Gigi has broken a U.S. record for milk production, churning out 74,650 pounds of milk in a 365-day period.

High Levels of Swine Flu Detected on US Pig Farms – The Pig Site
Three separate strains of influenza A virus (IAV) have been detected in animal and environmental samples taken from six swine farms in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa with suspected flu outbreaks.

Food Safety

How to Safely Transport Pallet Loads of Perishable Foods – Food Safety Magazine
Whether it’s keeping food within a safe temperature range or ensuring air can flow throughout the packaging, thoughtful consideration has to be given to each element when it comes to food safety for both raw and processed foods.

How to keep food safe during severe weather – FOX
Many things can jeopardize the safety of food. Do you know what to do to keep your food safe when severe weather threatens an area?


Europe and the Future of Agriculture – Slow Food
Entering into farming is becoming increasingly difficult; young farmers in Europe are facing many challenges. These include exaggerated prices for farms and farmland, rising competition in the global marketplace and increasing ecological and safety obligations resulting in additional restructuring costs.

How Will 2015’s Absurdly Wet Weather Affect This Year’s Crops? – Modern Farmer
Despite droughts in the west of the country, the coming of El Niño brought the wettest end to a year in 2015 since 1895. So, all good, right? Not so much.


Opioid Abuse Costs Employers Billions – Yahoo
Painkiller abuse is a serious and growing problem for American workers, new research reveals.


So You Want To Eat Snow. Is It Safe? We Asked Scientists – NPR
Many people will see the snow currently blanketing much of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard as a nuisance coating sidewalks and roads. Others are celebrating it as an excuse to spend the day swooshing down a hill. Others, think of snow as food.



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