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April 02, 2018

What’s the latest in the fields of agriculture, food safety, animal science and toxicology? Check it out here.

Animal Science:

Why build multi-story pig houses? — Pig Progress
One Chinese pig producer has chosen to construct sow houses with up to 13 levels. According to the company, economy of scale, efficiency and healthy pigs are the key factors in these unusual structures.

More accurate estimates of methane emissions from dairy cattle developed — Penn State
Leading the worldwide effort to get a better handle on methane emissions from animals, an international consortium of researchers devised more accurate models to estimate the amount of the potent greenhouse gas produced by dairy cattle.

Food Safety:

Dream team ready to help South African listeriosis victims — Food Safety News
A dream team of world-class food safety experts is ready to go on behalf of the victims of the latest South African listeriosis outbreak, the largest ever recorded. This is according to a mammoth 501-page-long lawsuit launched last week.

Food waste: the biggest loss could be what you choose to put in your mouth — Weizmann Institute of Science
About a third of the food produced for human consumption is estimated to be lost or wasted globally. But the biggest waste, which is not included in this estimate, may be through dietary choices that result in the squandering of environmental resources.


Weather phenomena such as El Niño affect up to two-thirds of the world’s harvests — Aalto University
According to Finnish researchers, large-scale weather cycles affect two-thirds of the entire world’s cropland. Air pressure, sea level temperature and other factors fluctuate regularly, causing rain and temperature patterns to change in regions far away.

Farmers plan to cut corn, soybean acreage, USDA says — Agri-Pulse
U.S. farmers will plant more soybeans than corn this year — for the first time since 1983 — but acreage for both crops will be smaller than in 2017.


61% say drug testing for jobs is needed — Rasmussen Reports
A recent news report said a tightening U.S. job market and looser marijuana laws in some states have led to the decline of pre-employment drug tests. But most Americans see the value in drug screening potential employees, a new report finds.


Bullied boy with different colored eyes, cleft lip rescues cat with same rare conditions —
Seven-year-old Madden Humphreys was born with two rare conditions: a bilateral cleft lip and complete Heterochromia iridium (different-colored eyes). His new cat was too.

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