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March 12, 2018

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What’s the latest in the fields of agriculture, food safety, animal science and toxicology? Check it out here.

Animal Science:

Backyard chickens need more regulation — University of California – Davis
A growing number of chickens today are raised in backyards. Many people prefer to raise their own food because they think it will be safer than commercially raised food. Yet, a new study suggests that local ordinances aren’t adequately addressing human and animal health when it comes to backyard poultry.

Number of people killed by animals each year in the U.S. remains unchanged — Elsevier
Injuries inflicted by farm animals, bees, wasps, hornets and dogs continue to represent the most danger to humans, according to a new study. Horses and cattle account for 90% of farm accidents. “Preventing potentially fatal farm animal encounters should be a better promoted and supported public health initiative,” said one researcher.

Food Safety:

Meat safety: More than just E. coli Food Safety Magazine
When a recall occurs due to a food safety issue, the first thing that enters most people’s minds is pathogenic bacteria. Second would be extraneous material such as metal or plastic. Although these are serious issues, in recent years most food safety-related recalls have actually been due to the undeclared presence of foodborne allergens.

Hot weather not to blame for Salmonella — University of Adelaide
New research shows there is no greater risk of Salmonella contamination in the production of free range eggs due to hot summer weather when compared with other seasons, despite a higher number of cases of Salmonella poisoning during warmer summer months.


Growth in acreage of organic crop land — All About Feed
A total of 57.8 million hectares were organically managed around the globe at the end of 2016, representing a growth of 7.5 million hectares over 2015, according to the latest data. This is the largest growth ever recorded.

Why are weeds so competitive with my plants? — American Society of Agronomy and Crop Science Society of America
Home and large-scale growers share a common struggle: weeds. Weeds have qualities that seems to guarantee their return, year-after-year. But there are proven techniques for resisting them.


For arthritis pain, nonopioid drugs work as well as opioids — The New York Times
Opioids are no better than nonopioid pain relievers for treating the chronic pain of osteoarthritis, a clinical trial has found. It is the first randomized trial of opioid therapy to report long-term pain outcomes.


Little girl herds cows with a tune — Breaking News
County Cork in Ireland is home to vast skies, green grass, and cows with great taste in music. A video that recently went viral shows how one little girl used her concertina, a small accordion-like instrument, to summon a herd of bovine friends.

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