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March 06, 2017

Don’t have time to scour the internet for the latest animal science, food safety, and agriculture news? Relax, we’ve got it covered.

Animal Science

Researchers Tap Into Power of Genomics to Breed Feed-efficient Dairy Cattle –The Cattle Site
Researchers are tapping into the power of genomics to breed dairy cattle that are more feed-efficient and produce less methane, while still maintaining the high productivity, health and fertility of dairy cows.

Managing Pet Allergies in Kids – Cedar Creek Vet
Are you concerned that your child's allergies may mean that you will have to give up your pet? Although "rehoming" a pet may be necessary if allergies are severe, most children can live with pets if you are willing to make a few changes.

Food Safety

G.F.S.I. publishes updated food safety requirements – Food Business News
The Global Food Safety Initiative published the seventh version of the G.F.S.I. Guidance Document and changed the name to the G.F.S.I. Benchmarking Requirements.

Planting for the local food bank? Take care to do it right – Food Safety News
Michigan State University Extension has eight tips to help you provide high-quality produce to food banks and pantries.


Why we're growing the most sweet potatoes since WWII – Harvest Public Media
While they have always made special appearances on many American tables around the holidays, year-round demand for the root vegetables has grown. In 2015, farmers produced more sweet potatoes than in any year since World War II.

This Little-Known Waste Product Could Provide A Chocolate Replacement – Modern Farmer
As recently as 2015, the supply of cacao (thanks to a rough year in Ghana, the world’s second-biggest supplier) was so low that the major candy makers actually all frantically began working to come up with some kind of sustainability guidelines for chocolate.


Painkillers without dangerous side effects – Science Daily
Researchers have discovered a new way of developing painkillers. When used in an animal model, their prototype of a morphine-like molecule was able to produce substantial pain relief in inflamed tissues. However, healthy tissues remained unaffected, suggesting that the severe side effects currently associated with these types of painkillers might be avoided.


The Most Stunning Science Images Of The Year – Wellcome Image Awards
Despite how elementary class schedules are laid out, there is plenty of room for overlap between art and science. And perhaps nothing captures the delicate balance of the two disciplines better than the winners of this year's Wellcome Image Awards.


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