Increase your school’s cleanliness with a cleaning verification system

August 19, 2020

Return with more confidence

As the year progresses and the spread of COVID-19 continues, many schools within the U.S. are considering new, advanced cleaning verification methods that allow full transparency of the effectiveness of a school cleaning program.

Ensuring a safe environment requires the right solutions. Neogen® recommends the AccuPoint® Advanced HC, a system that provides accurate 10-15 second readings of the amount of remaining adenosine triphosphate (ATP) following cleaning procedures.

How it works

To verify the effectiveness of environmental monitoring methods, the AccuPoint Advanced HC reader tests for the amount of ATP left behind; in other words, the level of residues remaining. ATP is a chemical within all living cells: bacteria, skin, blood, sputum, food residue, etc. (Be sure to read the FAQ section located below.)

Advantages of environmental monitoring

Keeping the safety of your students and faculty is a top priority. With AccuPoint Advanced HC, management is easy.

“This school year has many challenges, and it is critical that we now document our cleaning policy and procedures. When I purchased the Neogen AccuPoint Advanced HC System, I received a call from my sales representative, letting me know that they would help train my team and me. The software is user-friendly, and the reporting data is beyond what I expected.  My school district is ready for this new year!”
- John Connor – Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, Pottstown School District

Paired with the AccuPoint Advanced HC system is the Bac-Track data-management software program, which provides transparency and insight into the effectiveness of your school’s safety and allows you to pinpoint critical cross-contamination points (e.g., gymnasiums, bathrooms, cafeterias, etc.) Neogen offers virtual training and implementation.

With AccuPoint, you can:

  • Validate a clean environment
  • Quickly take proper action if ATP is present (10-15 second time-to-result)
  • Supports your goal of having a safe reputation within your school

To learn more about Neogen’s AccuPoint Advanced HC system for your school, please contact 800.234.5333.


What are the technical support services available for the AccuPoint Advanced HC?

Neogen works closely with each customer by creating their test plans and then training all users of the system and the software.

Where do I have access to all of my school’s AccuPoint readings?

Yes, that is part of our initial consultation with you to uncover all schools, areas, and test sites you want to test.

Where can I get more supplies for the AccuPoint reader?

You may receive supplies from your distributor where you purchased your AccuPoint Advanced HC.

Is there a calibration setting within the AccuPoint reader?

The reader auto-calibrates when you turn the unit on to give you confidence it is working.

What is the battery life of the AccuPoint reader? How long does it take to recharge?

The battery life is 17 hours, and it only takes 90 minutes to fully charge via AC adaptor. It is one of the most robust ATP systems in the market.


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