Igenity® Beef in Podcast

August 22, 2022

Ranch House Radio is a podcast run by Kristy DeGering, an agricultural enthusiast who grew up on a ranch farm in Wyoming. The podcast showcases different angles of the agriculture industry, such as introducing new people, discussing products, and storytelling.

Episode two was centered around TD Angus at Rishel Ranch, a Nebraska ranch that produces bulls and female’s superior in things like fertility, growth, maternal traits, and docility. Igenity® Beef was introduced as the newest program to TD Angus. The TD Angus owner praised Igenity Beef for its stayability capabilities and pointed out its helpful use in finding genomic markers indicative of performance levels.

Igenity Beef was included in the TD Angus at Rishel Ranch annual bull sale in March 2022.

Listen to the full podcast here and explore Igenity Beef on our website.


Category: Agriculture, Genomics, Beef, Igenity® Profiles