How to Use an ATP System as Part of an Integrated Environmental Monitoring Program

May 15, 2024

In a recent webinar, Neogen Technical Services Representatives Brandon Wong and Brad Orpano delivered an insightful presentation on the role of ATP testing within comprehensive environmental monitoring programs (EMPs). Here's a recap of the key takeaways from this informative session.

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Understanding contamination sources and the importance of cleaning/sanitation.

Our experts discussed the multifaceted sources of contamination in food production facilities, underscoring the importance of adopting proactive measures beyond conventional product testing. Contamination can originate from various sources both inside and outside the facility, including production environments, surfaces, raw ingredients, and personnel. Cleaning plays a crucial role in preparing surfaces by removing debris and organic residues, which optimizes the efficacy of subsequent sanitization efforts. Effective cleaning significantly enhances the ability of sanitizers to reduce microorganisms, thereby contributing to overall food safety.

Shift to modern food safety approaches and the role of ATP testing.

The webinar emphasized the necessity of modern food safety strategies that prioritize prevention over reactive detection. There is a great significance in extending focus beyond critical control points (CCPs) and integrating comprehensive monitoring throughout the production process to minimize contamination risks effectively. ATP testing emerged as a pivotal tool for hygiene verification. ATP is a universal molecule found in all living organisms, and its measurement provides real-time, sensitive, and quantitative data about organic residues on surfaces. This testing method offers immediate insights into the cleanliness of production environments.

Questions? Want to learn more?

Throughout the panel, our speakers encouraged active audience participation through live polling and addressed common questions related to ATP testing and environmental monitoring. Participants gained actionable insights to enhance food safety practices within their facilities.

To learn more about ATP testing and its integration into environmental monitoring, or to revisit content you may have missed, use the link to the webinar below to have your questions answered.

Stay tuned for more educational resources and upcoming webinars from Neogen!

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About the Speakers

Brad Orpano, Technical Services Representative, Neogen

Brad is a Technical Services Representative at Neogen, supporting the United States and Canada Division. Since joining Neogen, he has been a resource for customers seeking to enhance their testing programs by helping them implement, train, and build an understanding of Neogen’s Food Safety testing portfolio. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master of Science degree in Biology from the University of Iowa. His experiences in molecular genetics and bioinformatic research, education, and sales allow him to provide a unique perspective into customers’ food safety challenges.

Brandon Wong, Technical Services Representative, Neogen

Brandon is a Technical Service Representative at Neogen, supporting the United States and Canada Division. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Life Sciences from Queen’s University and specializes in microbiology, quality assurance, and HACCP methodologies. Brandon excels in providing technical support to clients across various industries, ensuring optimal implementation of food safety programs. His proactive approach, strong analytical skills, and dedication to staying updated on industry trends drive his commitment to excellence in enhancing food safety standards. With a track record of building trust with clients and delivering effective solutions, Brandon continues to make significant contributions to Neogen's mission of promoting food safety.


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