How Michigan producers can satisfy FSMA: Produce Safety Alliance training course

October 08, 2018

Michigan State University (MSU) Extension and its partners are offering a free grower training program to fruit and vegetable growers in the state of Michigan.

This grower training is a first step towards compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rules. The trainings will be offered in fall, winter and spring all around the state, and right now they are totally free for Michigan farmers, thanks to a federal grant.

The trainings include a screening that helps growers know if they are/will be subject to the FSMA Produce Safety Rules. The first compliance date for the largest of producers arrived earlier this year. Smaller operations must comply in early 2019, and the smallest farms have until 2020 to comply.

MSU Extension also has an initiative that serves as a follow-up to the Grower Training Program that offers Michigan growers the opportunity to have a free, confidential and non-regulatory review of their farm operation during their harvest season. MSU calls this an On Farm Readiness Review (OFRR), and it is an educational program in which a team of trained professionals meet with a grower at their farm. They spend a few hours engaged in a walk-around discussion about farm operations to help the farmer assess their general readiness for a future FSMA Produce Safety Inspection.

Online pre-registration is required to take advantage of this program.


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