Food safety webinar preview: Listeria results in just one hour

September 18, 2019

Imagine a food processing plant. Operations grind to a halt — there’s been a positive Listeria result. The downtime will be costly, as the team launches into a time-consuming seek-and-destroy and vectoring plan. Each hour that ticks by is one hour of product shelf life.

The story is oft-told. And across the globe, the number of reported positive results and recalls due to Listeria has increased. Processors are in turn increasing their efforts to eradicate harborage sites — a survey conducted just last year by Food Safety Magazine indicated noted Listeria as the “fastest growing” category of environmental monitoring.

Increased testing requires increased testing speed. With conventional methods taking 48–72 hours to provide results, testing systems that offer answers quickly — as in, within a single shift — become key for facilities setting their sights on reduced downtime and greater efficiency in seeking and destroying.

Food safety professionals are invited to join Neogen for a free webinar demo of Listeria Right Now, the first environmental sanitation verification test for Listeria that provides results in under one hour. We’ll dive into a plant environment and show testing and cleaning on actual equipment, and how the AOAC-approved Listeria Right Now allows for near-immediate response for checking that the sanitation program in place is effective against the pathogen.

Test in 1 Hour with Listeria Right Now
Wednesday, Oct. 2 | 1 p.m. ET; 10 a.m. PT
Register here

Our guides will be Jennifer Evans, Neogen’s link to the produce industry, and our Director of Technical Services, Tony Lupo. They’ll walk us through the test process, which is enrichment-free and doesn’t require microbiological expertise.

“Learning the how is as important as learning the what,” Lupo said. “A webinar that provides a first-hand experience like this — it’s the best way to get a complete understanding of how real-time results can be used to drive food safety decision-making.”

During the webinar, viewers will also learn about the science behind the test, listen to a real customer describe how the test benefited their processes, and have a chance to ask questions.

Solving Listeria problems

Most contamination of product occurs due to contamination of food contact surfaces, or other elements in the food production environment — whether in a longstanding, hard-to-find harborage site, or from transient elements like worker shoes, rolling carts or anything mobile.

“When it can take days to get results for environmental samples using traditional Listeria testing, you run the risk that the pathogen is no longer where you thought it was,” said Neogen Product Manager George Nagle. “This makes it extremely challenging to vector, or to have confidence about your sanitation in the environmental monitoring program.”

It’s not that traditional methods offer no benefits — in fact, some of their applications are important.

“Traditional testing has value for detection in product, but the speed of Listeria Right Now grants a nearly immediate response,” Nagle said. “This allows facilities to launch an investigation and take corrective action quicker than they could before, saving on downtime and ultimately supporting brand protection goals.”


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