Food safety resource: Food Safety Matters podcast

January 02, 2018

Foodborne allergen concerns aren’t going away any time soon, but sometimes things change — like scientific knowledge or allergen-related regulations — and finding new information can become difficult. Fortunately, there are great resources out there for updates on the state of the industry.

For example, Food Safety Magazine produces its own podcast, Food Safety Matters (FSM), to share expert opinions and industry knowledge for manufacturers and producers alike.

Recently, Neogen teamed up with FSM to answer some questions regarding foodborne allergens. Neogen’s own Tim Hendra speaks with FSM’s Editorial Director, Barbara VanRenterghem, to discuss how the food industry is guarding consumers against the threat of unintended food allergen contamination and how the industry is changing with globalization of food supply.

You can listen to the special bonus episode of Food Safety Matters right here.

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