The Flubromazepam Trend

April 19, 2022

An ongoing designer benzodiazepine (BZD) trend has been documented for the past decade. Many non-FDA approved BZDs are sold via illegal internet marketplaces, such as the dark web. These counterfeit drugs are being sold for recreational purposes or self-medication.

Of particular interest lately is the trending talk online and use of flubromazepam. Flubromazepam is a BZD being sold globally, often disguised as counterfeit prescription BZDs, and is known for its extreme duration and ability to sometimes go undetected for periods of time.

Our toxicology team is passionate about monitoring current drug trends to find the latest drugs to test for, and our kits go beyond just testing for brand name drugs. We offer our Benzodiazepine Group Kit and Benzodiazepine Ultra Group Kit for use as screening tests to detect BZDs and their metabolites. A unique feature of our kits is high sensitivity detection of BZDs, like flubromazepam, at low concentrations. We are dedicated to providing quality products in all areas and have validated our assays detection of numerous designer BZDs through published data and documented cross-reactivity.


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