Expert Q&A: Alltech’s John Winchell on mycotoxin management

October 23, 2019

More and more feed and animal producers are realizing the impact on cost of production that even low levels of mycotoxins can have, and what steps must be taken to increase grain value.

We’re pleased to share insights from a special expert guest this week — John Winchell, Alltech Territory Sales Manager, speaks on the impact that a solid mycotoxin management plan has on profitability in our latest Q&A video.

John’s years of experience in mycotoxin management lends to his understanding the latest in today’s modern ag market. Many companies find themselves complacent with their current mycotoxin testing programs, which may not be optimized for highest grain quality, thereby allowing low levels of mycotoxins to impact profitability.

John explains how a truly robust testing system empowers producers to detect low levels of mycotoxins, properly manage quality and increase efficiency. Neogen’s easy-to-use, reliable mycotoxin tests come alongside a dedicated customer support team that will work with you to integrate our solutions into an optimized, efficient mycotoxin testing program.


Category: Agriculture, Milling & Grain, Mycotoxins