Does Your ATP Reader Compare to AccuPoint® Advanced NG?

September 23, 2021

It's been a few months since the release of the AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation (NG) sanitation verification instrument, and we're still excited to tell people about it! As you know, sanitation verification offers insight into the overall effectiveness of your cleaning protocols.

However, many other readers in the market may be adequate, simply providing pass/fail results but ultimately lack procedural and software capabilities. Neogen® provides users with an unmatched comprehensive package of tech and support — including our newly improved instrument — that best aligns with the New Era of Smarter Food Safety efforts.

Faster Doesn't Always Mean Accurate

When testing on-site, the ease-of-procedure and accuracy are essential — without both, the confidence in your results will begin to waiver. Part of the issue is using Q-tip-style testing swabs instead of our best-in-class flat surface sampler, which provides exceptional coverage and breaks through biofilms for greater ATP representation. You need to ask yourself, "Am I swabbing or collecting a sample?" The answer is easy: collecting a sample, and with our industry-preferred samplers, you can do precisely that.

When pairing our best-in-class surface sampler with the improved accuracy of our reader, users can confidently trust that their data is legitimate. Waiting for dependable results that can make or break operations is an essential part of the testing process — the AccuPoint Advanced NG reader's time-to-result reminds users of the accuracy and boosted confidence they receive in their results.

Enjoy It When You Use It

Exclusively offered within the new AccuPoint Advanced NG reader is the ability for multiple users of the same team to use different language settings, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German. We find it crucial to offer various language settings, given that our partners may or may not prefer other options. To further improve the AccuPoint Advanced NG reader, we've enhanced the ergonomic design to be more modern, lightweight, and durable — making testing more comfortable than ever before.

The Whole Package

It's been just over a year since the FDA announced the tech-focused New Era of Smarter Food Safety. Since then, food manufacturers have taken steps to align their operations to promote visibility and traceability — ensuring uncompromised safety. Our whole package offers automated data aggregation, quick navigation with RFID, the ability to develop multiple site plans, and much more. Our cloud-based software — Neogen Analytics Insights — helps you identify issues early on that will save you from developing time-consuming test plans and being able to react fast in this evolving environment with modernizing data. This unique package is exclusively available through Neogen, the first company to receive AOAC approval for an ATP sanitation verification instrument.

In conclusion, the world is becoming more digitized, and sanitation verification is increasing in demand. That changes the way you need to test, process, and store data. As you continue to evaluate your current ATP program, be sure to know what's available to you beyond pass/fail results. When choosing to partner with Neogen, the advantages stack in your favor because your success is our shared success.


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