Case Study - Dairy

June 22, 2023

Dairy products have been, and continue to be, among the most regulated foods in U.S. history. It comes as no surprise, then, that dairy manufacturers and their food safety teams are constantly looking at how their current environmental monitoring program (EMP) is performing and can be improved.

Over the course of several months, we partnered with a large dairy product supplier to explore the challenges they faced with their EMP and how automating a manual process helped drive increased efficiencies, reduce pathogen positives, and ultimately, improve the bottom line.

The company’s existing EMP across all locations was being executed in a very manual fashion. Each facility managed their process in a spreadsheet, from workflow to information and data management.

The company believed that automating portions of their EMP would give them greater visibility and access to a larger set of data from significantly less time and effort. To start, they needed to make sure they were getting the data needed to make effective and impactful corrections and improvements.

The company realized that to identify the correct volume, frequency, location, and type of tests, they first needed to increase overall testing to see where all of the existing issues were occurring. This approach required a visual mapping capability to enable visualization of current and desired testing locations, as well as a graphical trending capability to see where issues were reoccurring throughout the floorplans. The adoption of an automated EMP platform helped identify all areas where issues existed and better informed the food safety team about the effectiveness of their sanitation efforts.

To learn more about their results and the financial impact that the move to EMP testing automation had on the company, download and read the full case study .

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