Case Study – Borton Fruit

June 23, 2023

Borton Fruit—one of the largest tree fruit producers in the U.S.—has established a unique mix of family farming history and forward-looking commitment to innovation.

As one of the largest tree fruit growers and a supplier to some of the largest retailers around the country, the organization understands how reputation, quality product, and cutting-edge technology all go hand in hand. Borton Fruit’s leadership team wanted to bring a technology-based, unified solution to help improve their current environmental monitoring program (EMP) by automating reporting, streamlining maintenance processes, and tracking spend on testing.

Before making any changes, the company examined its existing EMP thoroughly and found the following:

  • The old EMP, built on paper and using manual spreadsheet records, did not have much structure.
  • There was little record and no rationale for how much they were spending on their EMP.
  • It was difficult to access, correlate, and understand records of tests that were being performed.
  • Equipment was being maintained with incomplete recordkeeping and testing procedures.

With a properly structured EMP, automated reporting, and a more efficient maintenance process, the team could spend more time on the analysis of data and making improvements to their processes instead of spending time manually entering data into spreadsheets.

Download the complete case study to see how automation impacted Borton Fruit’s corrective actions, sanitation, and operating efficiency.


Category: Microbiology