Case studies: United Kingdom-based food companies back AccuPoint Advanced

July 26, 2018

Once in a while, we like to share the feedback we receive from our customers. We appreciate when customers take time out of their days to let us know that the work we do has value — and makes their jobs easier.

We’ve recently been working with a few United Kingdom-based customers regarding AccuPoint Advanced, our sanitation verification ATP system.

Scotprime Seafoods: “Able to identify key points requiring more attention that we realized”

The fish processor based in Ayr, Scotland, chose AccuPoint Advanced as its first hygiene (a.k.a., sanitation) monitoring system in April 2018. “It really has opened our eyes,” said General Manager Kenny Hastie. For him, the system’s Data Manager software is a strong feature, allowing him to “record and retain results with ease.”

“From creating a test plan to archiving older results, it has made the way we monitor our hygiene more sophisticated,” he said. “As the Data Manager software is so easy to navigate, we have been able to identify key points within our factory that required a lot more attention than we originally realised.”

Trafalgar Fisheries: “Staff can see in real-time if standards of cleanliness are not met”

Trafalgar Fisheries, based in Salisbury, England, implemented the AccuPoint Advanced to monitor the hygiene of its site about 20 months ago. For a first hygiene monitoring system, Alistair Watret, Import Manager, finds it “easy to use with a Data Manager software, producing excellent reports for current or historic results that can be printed out in various formats and shown to staff.” He says the main advantage of using AccuPoint Advanced is that “the system gives you an instant indication of the cleaning standards, and staff can in real-time see if these standards are not met.”

“We certainly would recommend AccuPoint to anyone who requires a quick and easy system of checking cleaning and hygiene within their premises,” he said.

Jigsaw Foods: “It has allowed us to be proactive in cleaning micro hotspots”

AccuPoint Advanced has been in place at Jigsaw Foods, a sauce and dressing manufacturer in Shirebrook, England, for just over a year. “Following a full training provided by Neogen, the ATP hygiene monitoring system was easy to set up and use,” said Jill Cousins, Quality Hygiene Manager. For Jigsaw Foods, one of the advantages of using AccuPoint Advanced is that “the system has allowed us to be proactive in cleaning the micro hotspots.” The portability of the reader is also useful because “as the results are shown on the screen, they can be shown directly to the operatives in charge of cleaning whenever an issue is reported.”

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