AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation — A Product Launch Recap

May 20, 2021

The Success of the Launch

On May 3, 2021, Neogen® successfully launched its newest innovative ATP sanitation monitoring system — AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation (NG). In months leading up to launch, the dedicated team experienced their fair share of obstacles due to the coronavirus pandemic like working remotely, virtual communication, and not being able to conduct onsite training. Despite the pandemic, our teams continued to press on with unwavering focus, communication, and collaboration to help forge one of the most impactful launches of 2021.

We also recognize our supportive customers for sharing feedback so we could have the opportunity to improve our solutions and best serve them. Our customers’ voices play a critical role in developing and improving our tech to support businesses and help keep people safe.

Welcome the New Instrument

Since the product release, we now offer the best-in-class handheld sanitation monitor system, compatible analytic tools and software, and samplers. Managing an environmental control program (EMP) can be hectic with audit reports, data, and continuously conducting procedures. That’s why we developed a comprehensive suite of software to help users receive the most analytics and insights with their new AccuPoint Advanced NG instrument. “We’ve included more data-driven features to offer customers a more comprehensive solution,” explains Product Manager Andy Bohannon, “The new suite of software offering easily allows users to compare, analyze, and report test results across multiple sites.”

Another large success was the implementation of improved analytic tools. When using the device, customers need more than a simple pass or fail result when verifying sanitation. They need metrics and analysis. Collectively, our departments — R&D, instrumentation, validation, management, QC, sales, marketing, product and project managers; the list goes on — came together to develop and market a comprehensive solution to better support facilities of all sizes. Not only can users verify sanitation practices, but now users can better understand the causation behind trends and patterns across multiple sites.

“Everyone within Neogen believes in this product — all the way up to the board of directors,” says Project Manager Alli Pearson, “It been almost two and a half years in the making of the new instrument, and we couldn’t be more excited for our partners to use it.”

Since 1982, we’ve been dedicated to providing the best, reliable solutions possible to various global industries. As a worldwide developer of effective environmental monitoring solutions, we continuously improve our solutions to support better the many industries we partner with worldwide.

Challenges from Covid-19

Covid-19 has reshaped the nine to five for many people, and as the AccuPoint Advanced NG product launch carried into the global pandemic, teams had to think of new ways to collaborate virtually.

“Having the opportunity to collaborate with each department from the beginning allowed us to successfully navigate each step of the launch and put our heads together whenever there was a hiccup in the road,” Pearson states, “Our biggest achievement is growing as a company — knowing we can successfully communicate and launch a competitive product during unprecedented times.”

We’re always developing new ways to communicate and support customers as they use our new, exciting solutions. Due to social distancing restrictions, our training teams weren’t able to be onsite for many product visits. Luckily, we were able to conduct a virtual walkthrough of the trainee’s facility using video chat. If you’re interested in testing with our new AccuPoint Advanced NG but have training concerns, there’s no need to worry. We offer customers remote LabLive training to ensure competency with our solutions while eliminating the need for travel.

Contact your Neogen sales rep for a specific product and ordering information.

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