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Grass Clippings & Horses
July 06, 2021
If you want one more reason to mow frequently and not leave long clippings around the pasture, how about a little-known fact about those clippings? They can be deadly.
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NEOGEN Newsline - June
June 29, 2021
Read the global NEOGEN Newsline for June 2021 providing you with the latest updates in NEOGEN's developments, solutions, and events.
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Equine Herpesvirus Prevention Steps
June 16, 2021
. The devastation, both financial and emotional, of neuropathogenic herpesvirus on your farm is long-lasting and extensive.
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Biosecurity Basics for Facilities
May 17, 2021
Biosecurity has taken center stage in our daily lives. From washing hands to social distancing, basic biosecurity measures are now standard practice.
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Protecting Your Pet from Rodenticides
May 04, 2021
Here are some tips for how to protect your pet from rodenticides.
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Vitamin Basics
May 03, 2021
Most animal diets provide sufficient vitamins for adequate health, but under some management conditions, disease states, or seasonal alterations, it may be necessary to supplement vitamins.
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NEOGEN Newsline - April
April 26, 2021
Read the global NEOGEN Newsline for April 2021 providing you with the latest updates in NEOGEN's developments, solutions, and events.
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Coronavirus & Animals — Can Animals Get Coronavirus?
March 24, 2021
With every day bringing news of this virus's spread, animal owners inevitably become concerned about whether the disease can affect their animals.
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Synergize® — The Disinfectant Designed with You in Mind
March 22, 2021
The disinfectant of choice for animal protein producers since 1998.
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NEOGEN Newsline - November/December
December 01, 2020
Read the global NEOGEN Newsline for November 2020 providing you with the latest updates in NEOGEN's developments, solutions, and events.
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Putting Clean to The Test!
November 13, 2020
John Connor of Pottstown Schools in PA writes about the importance of cleaning verification systems and how NEOGEN’s AccuPoint Advanced met his school’s needs.
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NEOGEN Newsline - October
October 26, 2020
Read the global NEOGEN Newsline for August 2020 providing you with the latest updates in NEOGEN's developments, solutions, and events.
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Quality disinfection for your dairy farm
October 09, 2020
As a producer, it is crucial to your business to evaluate and develop a strong, cost-effective biosecurity program of supportive care for your animals. Here’s why.
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NEOGEN Newsline - September
September 30, 2020
Read the global NEOGEN Newsline for August 2020 providing you with the latest updates in NEOGEN's developments, solutions, and events.
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NEOGEN offers safe hand sanitizer amidst national FDA recall
August 03, 2020
NEOGEN® offers COMPANION™ Hand Sanitizer, a safe alcohol-based foaming hand sanitizer formulated to provide exceptional protection and meets CDC requirements to control the coronavirus.
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Hoofshield: Optimal hoof health all year round
July 27, 2020
During summer, Hoofshield can be used at a very economical dilution rate of 1% continuously if no hoof infection is present in the herd.
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Canine care during the summer months
July 15, 2020
Please take a moment to read the following information so you may be best prepared when it comes to protecting your dog’s health for the remainder of this summer.
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Protection from Salmonella in backyard poultry
June 05, 2020
As cases rise and additional information comes to light, we urge backyard poultry owners to take the recommended safety precautions when handling their animals.
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COVID-19 in Cats? What does it all mean?
April 06, 2020
A preprint research study has indicated that cats and ferrets may become infected with SARS-nCoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.
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Avian flu in Taiwan
August 16, 2019

Disease outbreaks are not unique to the pork industry in the Asian continent. Over the last month, Taiwan’s poultry market has been hit by new highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreaks.

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Update: Reports of ASF in Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe
August 09, 2019

African swine fever (ASF) is making its way into Eastern Europe. Russian authorities have reported a new ASF outbreak in the region of Primorsk, next to the border with China, Reuters reported.

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Update: African swine fever spreads into Southeast Asia
June 24, 2019

African swine fever (ASF), a viral and devastating disease to pigs but harmless to humans, has crossed borders into additional countries in Southeast Asia.

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How horse health clinics build trust and save animal lives
June 12, 2019

Veterinarians don’t just serve animals — they serve communities, and the individuals living and working within them. To do so, they need trust. And when trust is born, lives are saved.

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It’s show season: General biosecurity recommendations for livestock exhibitors
May 22, 2019

For many of you who raise livestock, the show ring is where hard work meets opportunity. After endless hours of work, all the blood, sweat and tears begin to pay off. This is the moment, the chance, you have worked so hard for.

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Spain tests African swine fever vaccine
May 16, 2019

Spain, a country that has successfully fought to eliminate African swine fever (ASF) from its borders in years past, is testing a potential new vaccine against ASF virus. The oral vaccine has been tested so far on wild boars, but if the results are successful, it could be used to protect the country’s domestic herds.

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How to protect against equine influenza
May 02, 2019

The threat of equine influenza took the horse racing world by storm this year as an above-average number of infections cancelled races in the United Kingdom. It was the first time in 15 years that horse races were canceled for flu concerns.

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African swine fever hits entire Chinese mainland
April 23, 2019

China, a seeming ground zero for the ongoing African swine fever (ASF) epidemic, has now seen cases of the deadly porcine disease in all 31 of its mainland provinces.

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2020 Pet Census to reveal insights into U.S. pet population
April 18, 2019
There are censuses for people, and now, there are censuses for dogs and cats. Wisdom Health announced this month its plans for a 2020 United States Pet Census, coinciding with the U.S. government’s census for the same year.
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Snow and rain affects Midwest agriculture into spring
April 11, 2019

Farms in the U.S. Midwest that are already struggling with the effects of monumental flooding have been hit with an early-spring storm this week that certainly isn’t helping matters.

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Biosecurity: World Pork Expo 2019 canceled due to African swine fever risks
April 10, 2019

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), a U.S.-based trade association that hosts the event, announced that the event would not be held this year, out of extreme caution against the threat of African swine fever (ASF).

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Facial recognition technology might help monitor animal moods
April 03, 2019

It’s 2019 and science hasn’t even figured out how to talk to animals yet. What gives?

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Nebraska and Iowa flood damage could mean nearly $1 billion hit to agriculture
March 27, 2019

The U.S. state of Nebraska is one of the country’s biggest agricultural areas. It’s most famous for its beef cattle and corn, but farmers there work hard every year in the production of swine, eggs, dairy, wheat, soybeans and more. Each of these industries has been hit hard by record-breaking flooding this month.

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African swine fever update: one million pounds of pork seized; vaccine research takes step forward
March 21, 2019

With the ongoing Asian and Eastern European outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF), a disease that is not known to harm humans but is deadly to pigs, countries not already touched by ASF virus have one goal: keep it out.

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How disease ‘contact chains’ link farms near and far
March 18, 2019

It’s good to be connected to others in this world, but some networks are less than desirable — like disease networks.

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Scientists sequence the genome of Lil Bub, celebrity cat
March 15, 2019

With a couple of extra toes, a case of dwarfism, no teeth and a tongue that perpetually hangs out of her mouth, Lil Bub is one of the Internet’s most beloved animals.

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‘Defending the flock’ from Newcastle and other diseases starts with proper disinfection
March 12, 2019

An updated campaign launched by the U.S. Department of Agriculture aims to limit the spread of poultry disease, which has producers paying attention after recent outbreaks of Newcastle disease in both commercial and backyard flocks alike.

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Scottish swine industry aims to eliminate PRRS
March 11, 2019

What’s the best way to fight porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS)? Well, tough biosecurity controls are always essential, but Scotland has set forth towards an ambitious goal: eradicate it.

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‘Dating app for cows’ helps farmers match cattle
March 01, 2019
The latest matchmaking app to hit smartphones is like many others: swipe one way for a match, swipe another to reject. The only problem is that it’s a little hard for the targets being matched to swipe with their hooves.
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Genomic technology can make a difference for farmers around the world
February 27, 2019
Genomics, including livestock DNA testing, has revolutionized much of the agricultural world, and its impact only continues to grow as the technology improves.
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Experts discuss the dairy industry in 50 years: Genomics, regulations and more
February 19, 2019

In 50 years it will be 2069, and we have no idea what the world will look like. We certainly have hopes for our planet — that our industries will be booming and efficient, particularly our agricultural economy.

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New algorithm aims to predict outbreaks of PEDv and other animal diseases
February 11, 2019

Computers have long since been an integral part of nearly every aspect of modern life, from the home to the workplace, yet still we continue finding new ways they can help us.

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Equine flu crisis shuts down British horse races
February 08, 2019

Although winter isn’t considered “flu season” for horses like it is for humans, an outbreak of equine flu in the United Kingdom has led the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) to cancel all horse races this week. Horse racing will not resume until at least February 13.

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Cold weather considerations for cattle
February 06, 2019

Cold snaps and blizzards rocked many parts of the Northern Hemisphere last week, leaving many miserable and uncomfortable. While research shows that not all cows are as pessimistic about their environments as we humans can be, it’s obviously still important to protect them from the harsh elements.

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African swine fever continues at the forefront as Year of the Pig begins
February 04, 2019

This week we enter the Year of the Pig, according to the Lunar calendar — fitting, as issues concerning pigs and wild boars promise to be on the forefront many minds due to ongoing outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in many parts of the globe.

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Pest control lookout: Asian longhorned tick
February 01, 2019

A self-cloning tick previously unknown in the U.S. is being found in greater numbers in much of the eastern half of the country, and researchers are working hard to find new ways to understand and combat the invasive pest.

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Gene-edited chickens may help limit bird flu
January 24, 2019

When avian influenza, or bird flu, strikes, it can be hazardous to human health and potentially devastating for the poultry industry.

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Vehicle biosecurity in poultry production
January 23, 2019

Implementing a biosecurity program that will protect a poultry flock requires both a dedicated mindset and a very thorough set of procedures to achieve the ultimate goal of protection from infectious disease.

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African swine fever intercepted in Australia; spreads to Mongolia
January 18, 2019

It was reported this week that Australian authorities intercepted the smuggling of banned pork products into the country, and it was fortunate that they did, because the dangerously contagious African swine fever (ASF) was detected within the goods.

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Swine producers in Alberta ramp up biosecurity in response to PEDv
January 16, 2019

It’s been nearly five years since the deadly porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) was first reported in Canada. That case was in 2014, in the province of Ontario. Since then, the virus has been reported in Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and Quebec.

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Visitor biosecurity in poultry production
January 14, 2019

Biosecurity is at the forefront of preventing disease and maintaining healthy birds to ensure the productivity and profitability of the poultry industry.

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Newcastle disease confirmed in second commercial California flock
January 09, 2019

A second commercial poultry flock in southern California has a confirmed case of virulent Newcastle disease, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Reviewing calf puller best practices before spring calving
January 07, 2019

Most cattle producers in the U.S. follow a spring calving calendar, which means they’re gearing up for a busy season as we speak.

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Secure Pork Plan aims to help pork producers stop foreign disease before it arrives
January 04, 2019

As swine diseases threaten to spread into countries they were previously absent from, authorities are sharpening their approach to helping pork producers protect their operations.

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Internationally, swine industry works to prevent the spread of African swine fever
December 20, 2018

China, producer of nearly half of the world’s pork supply, is the latest country to be affected by an ongoing epidemic of African swine fever (ASF) virus.

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Report: Global animal genetics market to reach nearly $6 billion by 2023
December 12, 2018

The global animal genetics market is expected to reach $5.8 billion by 2023, reports research firm MarketsandMarkets.

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Trash is the biggest factor in rat infestations, researchers say
December 10, 2018

Around the world, more than 35 diseases are known to be easily spread by rats and the ticks and fleas that live on them. The Black Plague, the most famous pandemic to strike mankind, was spread in part by rats stowing away on European merchant ships.

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Animals can track the passing of time, science says
December 07, 2018

Preparing your dog’s dinner in the kitchen, you get a text message. You stop, sit down, and type out a response. “Fido won’t mind waiting a minute,” you say to yourself as he watches from his empty bowl.

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Knickers the Australian steer and other massive cattle
November 30, 2018
You may have heard about Knickers, an enormous Australian steer who made headlines this week after it was reported that he was simply too big for the butcher shop. But did you know Knickers isn’t the largest steer in the world?
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Making the water taste good: Water pH modification on the poultry farm
November 05, 2018
“Would you like lemon with your water?” is a question heard at restaurants across the country. For those who answer yes, a splash of acidity makes their drink a little more pleasant to drink.
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Pasture pests cost New Zealand farmers billions
October 24, 2018
Little bugs can mean big costs. Researchers from a New Zealand research institute have estimated that the country’s animal livestock industries face $2.3 billion NZD (about $1.5 million USD) in damages due to pests each year.
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The importance of clean water: Continuous water disinfection on the poultry farm
October 23, 2018

If dirty water is put in a clean cup, is the cup still clean? Likewise, if untreated, pathogen-filled water is run through newly cleaned water lines, are the water lines still clean?

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Chlorine dioxide vs. chlorine bleach: A battle of misconceptions
October 18, 2018

Chlorine bleach: It’s convenient to purchase. It’s cheap. It’s a well-known household cleaner and disinfectant. But is it best to use as a water sanitizer in the poultry house?

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Hurricane Michael agriculture damage expected to top $1.3 billion
October 17, 2018
Last week, the category 4 Hurricane Michael stormed across the Southeast U.S., hitting the coastal state of Georgia particularly hard.
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What’s hiding in the water lines: Terminal water line cleaning in the poultry house
October 16, 2018
Picture a standpipe at the end of the water lines in a poultry house. Does it look clear? Is the pressure ball visible? Can the wall behind it be seen through the pipe? Or does it look cloudy, stained from years of use?
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Genomics roundup: Understanding the science
October 10, 2018
In 2003, the Human Genome Project announced that it had officially completed its goal of sequencing the human genome.
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Dogs: Not as smart as we think they are?
October 05, 2018
Sometimes, society seems obsessed with dogs. Canine companions are considered loving, cute and intelligent, and science seems to back all of these up.
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Pig breeds, large and small
October 04, 2018
October is National Pork Month, or as it is affectionately known as, “Porktober.” Last year, we talked about why October is the month we celebrate pigs and pig meat and shared some basic pork facts.
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African swine fever spreads in Europe and Asia
October 02, 2018
African swine fever (ASF) crossed a new border last week as it entered Western Europe for the first time.
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Strong biosecurity can mitigate African Swine Fever Virus
September 26, 2018
The recent discovery and subsequent spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) in one of largest swine operations in Romania (a 140,000 swine complex) is opening the eyes of epidemiologists in terms of the potential routes of contamination and spread of this virus.
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Genomics: What’s a SNP?
September 20, 2018

Genomics — it’s one of the most cutting-edge fields in science at the moment. In just the past few years, important species genomes have been unraveled, or sequenced. Wheat, reindeer and barley are just some of the most recent ones.

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