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Food Allergens: A Review on Recent Initiatives for Allergen Risk Assessment
February 14, 2024
An overview of the 4-part series of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that address priority food allergens, allergen thresholds, precautionary labelling, and allergen exemption considerations.
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Are You Prepared to Pick Up and Move Tomorrow?
February 05, 2024
Over time, organizations collect an increasing amount of data — and, like preparing for a physical move, preparing that data for audits becomes increasingly challenging.
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How Everspring Farms Ltd Increased Testing Efficiency
January 22, 2024
We interviewed two food safety lab workers from Everspring Farms Ltd. about the effects the Neogen® Petrifilm® Plate Reader Advanced has had on their lab.
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Using Neogen® Molecular Detection System: Q&A with QuanTEM Food Safety Laboratories
January 19, 2024
We sat down with Cameron Kedy, Director of Microbiology and Food Safety at QuanTEM Food Safety Laboratories, to talk about his lab’s experience using the Neogen® Molecular Detection System to increase efficiency.
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A Tree Fallen: Food Safety Obstacles We Must Overcome
January 19, 2024
As food safety professionals, we experience many conceptual “trees” across our roads.
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Food Safety Risk Assessments are “Data Hungry”
December 29, 2023
As we went through the workshop exercise, we explored the elements of risk. Specifically, risk is defined as a combination of three factors: Is something POSSIBLE; how PROBABLE is it to occur; and what is the potential SEVERITY if it were to occur?
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A Guide to Risk Assessment Using Food Allergen Reference Doses
December 20, 2023
From a regulatory standpoint, there are not any defined thresholds below which food is considered safe in almost all cases.
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A Safer World
December 12, 2023
Food safety is critical to our society and the overall health of a rapidly growing population. Food safety professionals bear the burden of increasing demands from all directions inside and outside their organizations.
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3 questions with Ana Lozano: Environmental Monitoring Trends
December 05, 2023
We sat down with Ana Maria Lozano, Field Technical Service Representative for United States and Canada Food Safety division, who shared her insights into environmental monitoring current trends in our food safety industry.
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Re-synchronizing the Gears: Data Technology Can Alleviate the Friction Between Food Production and Food Safety
November 29, 2023
How data technology can alleviate the friction between Food Production and Food Safety.
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Why Your Lab Wants You to Go Digital
November 21, 2023
An environmental monitoring program (EMP) is no easy feat. Going through the process of a hazard analysis and determining your control points can take weeks; once complete, you must translate that into testing plans.
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Managing Food Safety Testing and Sanitation Data Should Be Easier
November 02, 2023
Creating meaningful and timely reporting that can be communicated effectively is almost impossible to do manually. Food organizations are weighing the benefits of adopting a digital data solution to accelerate access to information, eliminate human error, and streamline the ability to collect, assemble, and deliver impactful analytics.
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Cultivating a Strong Food Safety Culture
November 01, 2023
Apart from its literature definition, food safety culture can be thought of as an overall mindset for driving organizational beliefs and values around the importance of food safety and puts it into action with specific and observable actions.
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A Rationale to Digitize Food Safety Testing
October 19, 2023
The benefits of having a well-rounded and robust testing program are many and well documented.
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Decrease Risk by Integrating Your Food Safety Testing Program with Your Lab Services
October 05, 2023
Integrating your mix of internal and external lab services with your testing software solution not only provides faster results, it can have a significant impact on risk reduction. Learn about the types of risk that can be mitigated once your lab is integrated with your food safety data solution.
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Lactic Acid Bacteria: Key in Food Production and Preservation
September 26, 2023
Biopreservation is more than chemical preservatives. Lactic acid bacteria enhance food stability, taste, and safety.
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Digitization of Food Safety Data: Two Sides of the Same Coin
September 21, 2023
Digitizing your food safety data will make it easier to find and remediate issues before they harm your operations, products, customers, and consumers.
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Digital Transformation in Food Safety – Learnings from IAFP 2023 – Part 3
September 08, 2023
As we present our third and final blog in the series “Learnings from IAFP 2023,” we look at a session hosted by Neogen on July 17, 2023, right as the IAFP Conference began its first full day.
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