Test your milk knowledge on World Milk Day

June 01, 2018

Happy World Milk Day!

What is World Milk Day, you may ask? It’s an international holiday dedicated to raising awareness of the important contributions of the dairy sector: forming a sustainable food supply, supporting local and national economies, building livelihoods and providing nutrition to ourselves and our families.

The campaign was started in 2001 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), who determined that June 1 of each year would be set aside to recognize the importance of milk and dairy. June 1 was a convenient day, because in many countries, the entire month of June is Dairy Month.

In honor of the day, we have some questions you can use to put your milk knowledge to the test. Answers are at the end — no peeking.

  1. Milk provides which of the following essential nutrients to growing children?
    a. Calcium
    b. Protein
    c. Potassium
    d. Magnesium
    e. All of the above

  2. Milk pasteurization, the process of heating milk very high to kill bacteria, became common practice when?
    a. 1400s
    b. 1800s
    c. 1600s
    d. 1960s

  3. How much broccoli would you have to eat to obtain the same amount of calcium found in one cup of milk?
    a. 2 cups
    b. 9 cups
    c. ½ cup
    d. 4 cups

  4. Which country has the highest consumption rate of flavored milk in the world?
    a. United States
    b. Australia
    c. Japan
    d. Germany

  5. About many people around the world derive their livelihoods from the dairy sector?
    a. 300,000,000
    b. 900,000,000
    c. 700,000,000
    d. 1,000,000,000

Answers: 1 e; 2 b; 3 a; 4 b; 5 d

Category: Food Safety