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We're Proud to Provide Megazyme Solutions

All of the Megazyme products you know and trust are now exclusively available here! With Megazyme's acquisition and partnership with Neogen®, we're combining Megazyme's product lines into Neogen's website and solutions, so you can easily order everything you need in one place.

We're excited to partner with you and help ensure your success with industry-leading expertise and support. As a global leader in food safety solutions, our goal is the same as yours: to help ensure your products' safety and quality while maintaining compliance. We help you do exactly that with our wide range of comprehensive solutions across microbiology, allergen testing, environmental monitoring, biosecurity, and more.

Food Quality Control Solutions

Food and beverage manufacturers need to control food quality parameters and produce high-quality and consistent goods that provide consumer satisfaction with cost-effective and production processes.

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Carbohydrate Research

Megazyme's innovative and exclusive offerings allow for the measurement of carbohydrates and the enzymes that act on them.

Diagnostic & Research Enzymes

Enzymes are the most important components of diagnostic products and assay kits and have widespread use in diagnostic applications.

Enzyme Activity Analysis

Megazyme has unrivaled expertise in diagnostic solutions to measure enzymatic activity using sensitive and user-friendly methods.

Food Quality Control

Megazyme offers a wide range of assay kits and diagnostic enzymes to help food manufacturers control food quality parameters.

Nutritional Analysis

The Megazyme range includes assay kits and enzymes to measure key nutritional components, especially dietary fiber analysis.