Supporting Food and Animal Safety in Latin America

Neogen® is your steadfast partner in the Latin America region. With a strong commitment to food and animal safety, we provide personalized solutions, expert guidance, and seamless support. Welcome to a journey of unwavering partnership. Let us help you do more.

Industries We Serve

Food Safety

Neogen offers a wide range of world-class testing solutions to detect indicators, pathogens, allergens, mycotoxins, and more. Trusted by food industry leaders and regulators all around the world, our advanced technologies ensure food product quality and safety at the highest levels. We're here to help you overcome the food safety challenges from farm to fork.

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Animal Safety

Neogen provides animal safety solutions for livestock, swine and poultry. Our portfolio includes veterinary instruments and biosecurity products. We are proudly partnered with veterinarians, farmers, and animal health professionals all around the globe to protect food production and ensure animal well-being.


Our genomic platforms provide DNA testing for traits, parentage, disease susceptibility, and more. Our services empower industries like agriculture, breeding, and research by enabling informed decision-making. The precision gained through Neogen genetic management solutions ensures optimum outcomes.

Food Safety Diagnostic Products

Rapid Indicator Solutions

Petrifilm® Plates and Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced

Streamline your testing with ready-to-use plates that require no prep. Quickly and accurately enumerate plates in six seconds or less.

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Microbial Detection

Soleris® Automated Testing

Get fast and reliable detection of microorganisms including TVC, yeasts and molds, Enterobacteriacae, E. coli, coliforms, and many others.

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Culture Media

Neogen Culture Media

Our range of dehydrated culture media formulations include chromogenic agars and proprietary formulations that enable our sensitive One Broth One Plate alternative workflows.

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Hygiene Monitoring

AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation and Clean-Trace®

Our handheld hygiene monitoring solutions let you quickly verify cleaning effectiveness and capture, store, and manage data.

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Pathogen Detection

Neogen Molecular Detection System and ANSR® Reader

Pathogen detection tests that are designed to fit a variety of testing needs. Food safety and contract labs can get confident answers quickly, with same-day or next-day results.

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Allergen Testing

Reveal®, Veratox®, and Allergen Tests

Qualitative and quantitative testing solutions that are designed to detect allergens in a wide variety of sample types and be used as part of your allergen control plan.

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Food Quality Analysis


Enhance your food quality assessments with Megazyme advanced enzymatic solutions.

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Mycotoxin Testing

Reveal® Q+ MAX and Raptor® Reader

Test for mycotoxins with solutions designed to deliver fast and accurate results.

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UHT/ESL Testing


Rapidly test a wide variety of UHT and ESL beverages such as juices, caffeinated drinks, coconut waters, dairy, and more.

Sample Collection

Environmental Scrub Sample, bags, enrichments, and diluents

Better testing begins with better samples. Choose intuitive and easy-to-use sample collection products that help streamline processes from start to finish.

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