Introducing Neogen Culture Media

We are proud to introduce our globally harmonized culture media product line – Neogen Culture Media. Developed to combine and enhance our existing Acumedia and Lab M microbiological culture media lines, Neogen Culture Media offers a range of products and formats designed to support microbiology testing across many sectors including food, water, pharmaceutical and clinical.


Global Testing Methods

Neogen Culture Media has been developed to support compliance with global reference methods across multiple industries, with a particular focus on food safety testing.

Many of our culture media products are formulation and performance compliant according to internationally recognised standards including ISO, BAM, and MLG.

So regardless of where in the world you are, Neogen Culture Media can support your needs.


Comprehensive Product Range

The harmonisation of our existing culture media lines means that we can now offer you a single product catalogue with more than 270 dehydrated culture media (DCM) formulations. With a focus on our expanding line of Harlequin® chromogenic agars, we have developed an increasing range of proprietary formulations such as our unique Chromogenic Agar for Salmonella Esterase (CASE), developed following feedback from the marketplace. Our talented team has extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of unique and innovative chromogenic formulations.


Quality at Every Step

With a specific focus on product quality and performance, our culture media is monitored throughout every stage of the manufacturing process. From sourcing the finest quality raw materials to investing in the best equipment and technical personnel, we are committed to ensuring our media is produced to the highest standard.

Neogen Culture Media is manufactured at dual sites, located in the United Kingdom and USA, allowing us to be a secure and responsive supplier, wherever in the world you may be. Our experienced R&D, Technical Services and Customer Services teams are on hand to help offer guidance and support to you every step of the way.