Future-proof Your Herd

Improve your breeding programs at a level never before possible. InfiniSEEK™ is an innovative solution that combines low pass, whole genome sequencing and targeted SNP analysis. Neogen® has partnered with Gencove to combine our industry-leading genomics services with Gencove’s unique and comprehensive sequencing analysis software. InfiniSEEK is a new technology that provides the bovine industry with a revolutionary, cost-effective solution that can deliver increased genomic insights to help advance cattle breeding programs worldwide.

Discover New Traits

Get ready-to-use results with the key traits that drive your breeding program and reliably predict genetic progress. InfiniSEEK provides genomic insight into desired phenotypes with genome-wide sequence data, genetic traits, and parentage markers, so you can maximize breeding prediction and value in a quick and affordable way.

Minimize Selection Bias

Low coverage skim sequencing provides a more in-depth exploration into the genome to locate areas that may influence specific complex traits. Additionally, it can give accurate genomic predictions across subsets of species without the need to create a more expensive custom fixed array.

Manage Over 400 Traits and Conditions

InfiniSEEK’s combined strength offers whole genome sequencing and targeted high coverage information from a single sample and single source in one solution. Easily select for desirable traits and reliably manage particular genomic conditions with high-throughput sequencing and clinical-grade accuracy.

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