Your Partner and an Industry Leader for Water Testing & Treatment

We’re a global leader in developing and supplying robust water treatment solutions to a variety of industries, including bovine production, poultry production, swine production, municipalities, commercial labs, food safety processing plants, and much more. Our comprehensive portfolio of EPA-approved and OMRI-certified solutions is well-known for providing customers with rapid results — without breaking the bank. Our water team is made up of experts who understand what it takes to meet industry expectations and we’re always available to support you.

Protect the Water in Your Food Processing

Water quality is a critical component within the food safety industry. As your water testing and treatment partner, we provide you with a wide range of industry-preferred solutions that provide accurate, timely results and won’t break the bank. Our goal is to supply your business — no matter its size — with the appropriate resources.

We’re Committed to Keeping Public Water Safe

The quality of public drinking water is critical for everyone’s safety. Our wide range of water treatment solutions provide effective results to help enable safe drinking water for the public. Our team of experts is available to assist you with any of our solutions, like Colitag™, which offers rapid results for total coliform and E. coli.

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Supporting Commercial Labs with Reliable Solutions

We provide water testing and treatment solutions to a variety of commercial labs globally — protecting facilities and their processes from unwanted contaminants and pathogens. Whether you’re testing for spoilage, E. coli, or pathogens — we have a quick, accurate solution available for you and expert support to help enable your success.

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Water Treatment to Ensure Max Genetic Potential

Your success is our shared success. Our team of experienced experts is ready to supply you with the resources and solutions you need to enhance your water quality. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of water treatment solutions with NSF, OMRI, EPA, and GRAS certifications, as well as services to support your production and make your water work for you. Additionally, we offer a breadth of biosecurity solutions, so your facility sees proper disinfection in tandem with safe water.

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