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Universities and schools have extensive needs throughout their campus operation, academic curriculum, and research needs, especially those dedicated to laboratory research. With our wide range of industry-leading solutions, we can help you across multiple disciplines, including microbiology, genomics, and campus management practices, such as biosecurity and food safety. With extensive customization to meet your research demands, we offer unmatched support from start to finish with many programs and services. From research laboratories to food service, our expert solutions can support your university and help your academics and campus run smoothly.

Designed to Support Academia and Research Laboratories

Our experience and industry-leading solutions can help faculty and students meet their goals throughout academic curriculums, research projects, and graduate studies. For intensive research projects and Ph.D. studies, we can help customize solutions to meet unique study requirements for maximum results. We globally support universities and research laboratories throughout various fields, such as microbiology, genomics, and life sciences, to help you achieve your academic and research goals.

Get Effective Microbiology Testing Solutions

Effective microbiology solutions verify your testing meets the quality standards you need for your laboratories. Our expert testing solutions are validated to regulatory standards and provide you with the necessary precision, accuracy, and repeatability to meet your research needs. Our comprehensive microbiology solutions provide you with everything needed for accurate testing throughout academics and research.

Microbiology Solutions

Advance Your DNA Sequencing

Improve your research programs at a level never before possible. New technology provides the research community with revolutionary, cost-effective solutions that can deliver increased genomic insights and strengthen research programs worldwide. With our industry-leading sequencing solutions, go deeper into genomes and obtain the data you want with InfiniSEEK™.

DNA Sequencing Solutions

Maximize Your Genomics for Deeper Insights

We offer a vast range of genomic solutions for research and development, capable of providing precise, timely results. From custom genomic solutions with whole genome sequencing and identifying unique traits to mouse genotyping arrays for model organisms, we can create a custom solution to contribute to your experiments and research projects. Our genomic profiles can also help teach livestock management and welfare by providing traits and conditions important to animals’ management and health, showing students real-world application for genomics.

Genotyping Array Solutions

Get Expert Life Sciences Solutions

For efficient life science and toxicology research, you need effective solutions in your laboratory. Our comprehensive solutions offer support for dependable and reliable results every time, including an extensive line of research ELISA test kits, oral fluid collection devices, and colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrates for immunoassays. Our extensive expertise and testing options can support you throughout your life science research projects.

Control Your Allergen Risks

Effectively manage your allergen risks with our multi-format allergen testing solutions and easily identify any contamination issues.
Allergen Solutions

Easily Manage Mycotoxin Testing

Effectively manage your mycotoxin risks with our reliable, easy-to-use, rapid tests and easily identify contamination issues.
Mycotoxin Solutions

Life Science Research ELISA Kits

Explore our catalog of robust, sensitive, and high-quality ELISA tests for your research.
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Maintain Effective Sanitation Across Campus

Maintaining effective cleaning and sanitation is vital for your campus, from laboratories to student housing. Keep your facility running smoothly, and gain confidence in your cleaning and testing protocols with our cleaners, disinfectants, and sanitation monitoring systems with software to help you identify potential issues early. Verifying effective sanitation across your facilities with ATP testing can help prevent disease outbreaks from spreading on campus and contamination in laboratories impacting research results.

Sanitation & Hygiene Solution

Help Keep Your Food Service Safe and Sanitary

We also provide reliable food safety solutions to support your food service operations throughout your kitchens and cafeterias. From people-focused biosecurity solutions to critical, easy-to-use sanitation monitoring systems, our expert solutions allow you to verify your cleaning protocols are effective to enable a healthier, safer environment for everyone. With cleaners, disinfectants, hand soap, and more, you can get everything you need to keep your food safer and your students and staff healthier.

Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions