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The sheep and goat industries are growing, and with it is the demand for cutting-edge parentage tests, research solutions, animal health supplies, and more. For years we've been a globally trusted supplier of sheep and goat genomic testing solutions for various industries. From genomic tests eligible for inclusion in DNA evaluations to parentage tests and vet supplies to biosecurity solutions, we have the robust solutions to be your single-source provider — no matter where you're at in the industry. Our primary goal is to provide the support and solutions you need to operate successfully. We deliver unmatched 24/7 global support, industry-preferred tests and solutions, and a comprehensive portfolio of biosecurity products to keep you and your animals safe.

Maximize Your Genomic Testing with a Global Leader

Making the right breeding decisions is critical, and our solutions help identify undesirable mutations and seamlessly assist you in making the right calls. Our globally used GGP Ovine 50K test verifies parentage and develops genomic predictions. The GGP Ovine 50K chip features more than 50,000 strategically spaced probes to meet all these requirements. Our GGP 50K Sheep test is a global standard for increasing breeding value estimates' accuracy, particularly those traits measured later in life or hard to measure traits.

Genotyping Array Solutions

Parentage to Support Your Research and Breeding

Parentage plays an essential role in sheep and goat development within farm management. Whether you're an advisor, researcher, geneticist, breeder, producer, or something in between, we can provide the cutting-edge solutions you require. Our parentage tests perform on the latest Illumina chip-based technology. Our tests offer higher reliability due to more SNPs, decreased turnaround time, and increased accuracy in predicting horn-poll phenotypes PP, PH, or HH — all to support your research and breeding efforts.

Parentage Solutions

Your Partner for Sheep and Goat Health Solutions

Having the appropriate solutions for managing sheep and goat health is critical to their development and drives quality production and research. As your provider, we can supply all of your health management needs, from personal protective equipment to hoof care and from different feeding resources to pain management tools and veterinary supplies. If you need help finding a solution, we can help. Our industry experts are available to discuss your needs and guide you towards the best solution available.

Veterinary Instrument Solutions

Ensure Quality Cleaning and Disinfection

Our comprehensive portfolio of EPA-approved cleaners and disinfectants comes with an easy-to-use application and ensures a safe, clean environment.
Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions

Easily Verify Proper Sanitation Routines

We offer robust, easy-to-use ATP sanitation monitoring devices and provide comprehensive, data-driven software to provide you with feedback.
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