A Partner to Cover All of Your Poultry Industry Needs

As a global leader in developing food and animal safety solutions since 1982, Neogen® is proud to support the worldwide poultry industry. Our primary goal is to provide the support and solutions you need to operate your facility successfully and comply with regulatory agencies. We deliver unmatched 24/7 global support, industry-preferred tests and solutions, and a comprehensive portfolio of biosecurity products — all developed by our growing international team of knowledgeable industry experts.

Expert Genomic Solutions to Drive Your Poultry Breeding

The use of genomics in poultry breeding has shown that genomic data can indeed be used to improve the accuracy of estimated breeding values and lead to a more significant response to selection than more traditional selection methods. The ultimate goal is to shorten the poultry generation intervals and reducing production costs — that’s where we come into play. Fast, affordable, and accurate genotyping allows these benefits to take place.

Genotyping Array Solutions

Delivering Support to Your Live Production Needs

Many important factors drive poultry production: the need for disinfectants, reduction or the elimination of antibiotic use, limiting the spread of bacteria and disease, quality water treatment — the list goes on. As a single-source biosecurity solutions provider, we offer 24/7 global support to ensure your standards and needs are met. Whether you need cleaners and EPA-approved disinfectants, OMRI-certified water treatment solutions, rodent and insect products, or mycotoxin testing solutions for your feeds — we have it all right here.

Cleaners and Disinfectants to Promote Safe Production

As a poultry producer, you need to produce as many healthy animals as possible. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions is sure to get the job done with effective cleaning and disinfection, so your animals may grow to their maximum potential. Our Animal Safety team comprises knowledgeable industry experts with real-world experience, so if you ever have a question or are unsure of what solution your facility requires, they’ll be eager to assist you.

Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions

Vector Control Solutions Designed to Protect Your Operation

Protecting your operation from harmful, disease-ridden rodents and insects is critical. We offer a broad portfolio of vector control solutions to help confidently eliminate any rodent or insect problems. Our solutions cover a basic four-step program: prevention, identification, execution, and monitoring of the results. Should you have any questions concerning the right vector solutions for your facility, our Animal Safety team comprises knowledgeable industry experts available to assist you.

Never Second Guess Feed Quality

Keep your feed production safe from mycotoxins with our wide variety of rapid detection mycotoxin test kits.
Mycotoxin Solutions

Protect Your Workers from Disease

Our COMPANION™ solutions are effective and easy-to-use so that your facility can limit the spread of bacteria and disease.
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Your Poultry Production Water Experts

Our comprehensive water treatment portfolio helps promote growth rates and ensures your flock consumes safe, quality water.
Water Treatment Solutions

Meeting Your Processing Needs with Compliance and Solutions

Harvest is a critical step in the poultry supply chain. As a food safety solution leader, we offer you comprehensive solutions to ensure effective food safety and sanitation throughout your processing operation. We provide food safety diagnostic and data management tools that allow you to effectively manage pathogen control, sanitation, and environmental monitoring programs while driving efficiency across your facility.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions